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Default Re: Pack Creatures

Originally Posted by Judith View Post
If I may be so rude, I think you should be a little more acceptive of the sign-uppers here. Maybe you should tell them nicely how to improve, and then, when you think it's good enough, accept them? That way, you'll fill up your quota faster and other people will feel more welcome to roleplay here.

I don't know whether this is up to your standards, but please tell me if it isn't.
Of course it up to my standards; have you seen some of the stuff I write? Thanks for the input, too, but the truth is, I'm not that great a critic. I couldn't really tell people how to improve. I'd just be pretending to know what I was talking about.

Anyway, Bulletangel, you are accepted (though that weakness was more of a character flaw, but whatever). And so are you Judith. Thanks for signing up.

Sorry I haven't posted my sign-up, but I though this RP would die mercilessly. But with you two, I've got hope.
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