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Default Re: Pokemon: In The End

Aaron bent down quickly and picked up the golden Pokeball before it could roll back down the stairs. He stood and looked at the object he held. He slipped off his bakpack and carefully put the Pokeball inside. Then started back down the stairs, not wanting to follow the Dark Tyranitar.

Aaron brust out of the building and slipped into the shadows before anyone saw him. He looked around, the teleport was too far of, he'd have to fly back.

"Oh yeah, evading attack fired up at us will cetainly be interesting," Aaron grumbled as he took out a Pokeball, "Getting back quickly will be improtant, though. I can't waste much time here." Aaron tossed the Pokeball into the air, his Pidgeot was soon circling the sky, then swooping low, allowing Aaron to jump on before climbing higher into the sky.

"Where's Gardevoir?" Pidgeot asked worriedly. Aaron smiled gently and gave his Pokemon an encouraging pat.

"She's back with Jonathyn and the others," Aaron replied, "Let's get out of here quickly."


Gardevoir noticed that the light that'd been surrounding her had faded away. She felt much better, not to the point of being able to take on a Dark Pokemon, but strong enough to fight.

Good, now Aaron won't get too distracted. Gardevoir thought with a small smile. Shadow watched Gardevoir, how could she stay so calm? Her trainer was out in Viridian City, where very strong Pokemon were, with only five Pokemon, two of the five weren't exactly ready for that kind of Pokemon.

I know he has a Sceptile, Pidgeot, Pikachu and Quilava with him, but what's the fifth? Shadow telepathed to Gardevoir. Gardevoir looked at Shadow.

"He has a Mantine, as well," Gardevoir answered, "A Mantine that doesn't quite understand human speech, as the rest of us Pokemon do."

"That must be annoying."

"At times, yes. But sometimes, that can be good."
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