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Default Re: The Middle Ages: Way of Life... RP SU

Name: Toan

Gender: Male

Age: 16

Toan, on his head, wears a green turban. He wears oversized boots, and white pants. He wields the legendary atlimila, which is used to rebuild towns. He also has a sheath on his back.

Personality: Toan is the type of guy you wouldn't want to meet in a dark alley. He's very dark and depressed because of his town taken away by the Dark Genie. When he's in a good mood, he'll usually just ignore you. When he's in a bad one... Well... Let's just say... Run away. He'll typicly not be included in romance, but when he finds the right girl...

Type: Human

Weapons: Swords

History: Toan grew up in Norune Village. There, he had his best friend, Paige, whom was taken away when the Dark Genie came. The Fairy King came to him and said that he must save the four villages. But he's given up on ever completing his quest, and is only setting out on finding Paige...

Other: (If you have anything else, put it in here,)

RP Sample: C'mon, you've seen me RP. :P
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