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Default Re: Digimon: Bio-Emergance Assualt! (The RP)

OOC: I apologise for the following post, but things really do need to get going, and I'm sure that there are others who'd like to see this RP move on as well.

IC: I watched in momentary awe as Taiki utilised the card in an entirely new manner than I had expected. Guilmon and I were still panting, out of breath, staring as this new offense had been thrown up in the air before Guilmon started acting strangely.

"Ian!" he exclaimed. "Come! Come!" He grabbed my hand in the midst of the chaos that was taking place above us. "Not safe! Not safe!"

I raised my eyebrows, confused slightly with his poorly strung together fragment sentences, yet concerned for the meaning that I was able to wrestle out of them. The other thing that surprised me was that he seemed to know what was going on better than I did, and I was easily over a thousand times older than him. And his creator, more or less. Instead of hesitating for even a moment, though, I let my immediate instinct take over and I followed him as quickly as I could. He pulled my arm with an incredible force and lead me quickly over the remains of the Hpynos entrance and out further down the street.

I noticed, for the first time, the trees that dotted the street, and I noted their endurance to the battle that was taking place all around. I was still quite discombobulated about who everyone was and where they all were, but my main priority now, as a tamer, was that of my digimon. He was obviously distressed, and I didn't want to do more harm to his anxiety by hesitating any. Besides, pure instinct could overpower any well planned notion in a given situation - why should the midst of battle be any different?

Guilmon pulled me into a run (him slowing a bit for me - humans did not have the leg power that he did), and we bolted away from the madness that was taking place in the air behind us.

All of a sudden, his train of thought was interrupted by something, and when he sniffed loudly, I realised that there must've been an important scent in the air about us. He swung towards the trees nearby and sniffed loudly again.

"Ian," he said. "Follow." Then he took off towards a tree. I ran with him, keeping up as best I could with my digivice still clutched tightly in my palm.

As we approached one of the trees, I noticed an unusual lump in it. Is there somebody in that tree? We got nearer, and I had to rethink that. Are there TWO people in that tree?!

OOC: I don't mean to seem like a coward, but I really do want this to keep going... so I came up with a drastic movement that might involve some other people now. Coming your way, Saraibre! ;D

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