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Default Re: The Middle Ages: Way of Life... RP SU




Part 1- human

Naomi has long, silver hair and navy eyes. She always wears dark clothing, and always has her sword at her side. When she is about to Change, her hair becomes darker, almost midnight black, and her eyes turn either red of yellow, depending if she can control herself or not.. Otherwise, she appears to be a human when she isn't.

Part 2- werepyre

When Naomi has Changed, she takes on the appearance of what looks like a werewolf. But unlike most werewolves, she has bat-like wings and longer ears. Also, her canines are much longer. Her clothes change aswell, from her normal dark ones to a red shirt and dark brown leather pants, both torn. If her eyes are red, then she has almost no control of herself, and when her eyes are yellow, she has complete control.

Naomi is the kind of girl who is to herself. She doesn't like to get close to people because when she Changes, she sometimes has no control of herself and can harm those she cares about. She would do anything to protect what she belives in. And yet, with the same attitude, she'll seek revenge. She is easy to get along with, but when you get on her bad side, she may just kill something or someone.

werepyre: half werewolf, half vampire, with a human form


For as long as she could remember, Naomi has been a werepyre. She was once an assasin, but then found no joy in it. She just did it for the money. She quiet being an assasin, and now when she needs the money, either opens her services as a killer or steals. But she would rather just help people and get nothing in return, which didn't alway work. Now she travels on her own.

Naomi can understand Wolfen, or wolf language. She once lived with a wolf pack, where she adopted a wolf form. In her wolf form, she is a black wolf with a darker bat-wing pattern on her shoulders, running down her back, yellow eyes, and longer canines.

RP Sample:
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