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Default Re: The Middle Ages: Way of Life... RP SU

Kusemono, Toorima
Human. Kitsune.
Toorima cares for himself and only himself. He believes that one has to take care of themselves or you'll fall trying. This is because someone dear to him died protecting him. He's somewhat quiet, though he still talks when needed. His stubbornness knows no bounds, sadly, so he'll never give up on something he's set his eyes on. He's quite respectful to women and his elders, though that doesn't mean he'll help. Well, maybe the old people, but that's about it. He likes being alone most of the time, sadly, which is why he doesn't have many friends. The only things he would consider "friends" would be animals. He adores animals, especially foxes, hence he's one. These are the only things he might just help out. Keyword "might".
Kitsune (Fox)
He mainly uses his fists in battle, though he wont hesitate to use swords and the like in a tight spot. As a kitsune, he is more of a deceiver than a fighter. If he needs to fight as a kitsune, all heíll be able to manage will is a light bite thatíll barely hurt, even if he bit with all his force.
No one really knows much about Toorima. And sadly, he doesn't either. He has amnesia from things before he was thirteen. All he could remember was that he stole for a living, an accident happened, and nothing else. He has never killed anyone before just to steal, hence this was the promise he made to his friend before he died.

Sorry the History is so... ugh. It got deleted, and I'm too lazy to do it again. D= If need be, though, I'll edit.
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