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Default Re: Middle Ages: Way of Life

"Calm yourself down, noble slave. You may be only half vampire, but you still have all of their powers, and you need to control it," Naomi growled, her own navy eyes turning yellow.

After Naomi had said that, it paused Aurora's transformation of becoming a vampire demon.

What? She knows who I am? Well what I am...

"Don't give into it. Don't become power hungry. That's what'll lead you to your death." Naomi said, obviously warning her.

As the words left her mouth, it kicked Aurora into reality.

What am I doing? I'm becoming... one of them!

"How do you know what I am? Are you one of them too?!" Aurora asked. Her voice was becoming uneasy. It was obvious that Aurora wasn't calm as usual. She almost turned into them!
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