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Default Re: Middle Ages: Way of Life

"Oh! Yeah. Well now that I know that you're like me, I can trust you. All I know about myself is that I'm Aurora. My mother was a human named Rain and my father was a vampire. I don't know anything about him... I'm going off to find my mother though, which I believe is still alive. I only found out that I'm part vampire a few hours ago. I've been raised into this noble family for my whole life." Aurora explained, before speaking again.

Naomi was not curious, and yet amused. She looked sixteen, three years younger than herself.

"I've been thinking... You know much about vampires, right?" Aurora asked, her eyes glistening in the moonlight. It shown that the red in her eyes disappeared completely except for the tint she had around her pupil, which was normal.

"Yes, I do. Why do you ask?"
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