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Default Two for the Show

  • Well, as you can see this is a paired story. And if I'm not mistaken, we are the first to attempt a capture with this system, so I'm interested to see how this gets graded.
  • The battle sequence is a bit different, as the circumstance does not exactly categorize our capture attempt as "wild" Pokemon. Though, it shouldn't be a problem. :P
  • Keep in mind that we are from two different continents; there are Australian and American spellings in this story. E.g. Color + Colour, Realize + Realise, etc.
  • Capture attempt: Two Remoraid
  • Character count ~ 46,000

PE2K Cast:
Mario - Mario
Fiona - Lucavi
Emma - Me :o
Ben - The other guy


“Are we there yet?!” the little toddler piped up from the back car seat of the minivan. His hands gripped the seat as if preparing to go over the first hill on a rollercoaster. The sucker he had stopped paying attention to lied sticking to his shorts, with a decent amount of dirt and hair on it from the several occasions where it had been unfortunately dropped on the floor. He peered out through the front window, eyes wide open like a goldfish, and then looked to the driver behind the steering wheel.

“No. Now sit tight, I’ll tell you when we’re there. No more asking.” She sighed slowly, and turned the right blinker on, easing over through traffic to the exit.

The child swayed with the motion of the car, as if it were the most exciting ride, and started clapping his hands together with excitement. When the car slowed to a stop at the end of the off-ramp, he began bobbing up and down in his chair like a hungry seagull.

The two hour drive it had taken to reach this point in the trip seemed like ages to the young boy. The more time that had passed, the more anticipation that grew. He had waited weeks for this day. He had been patient and good, and today was the day it would all pay off.

“Are we there yet?!”


Lilycove city was not the place to live in if you desired a calm and peaceful town. There was always something happening, always a new event to attend. It was eight o'clock in the morning and already the town thrived with activity as if it were mid-afternoon. A salty breeze swirled through the city, bringing with it the smell of the ocean and an occasional mist. All of the shops and houses tended to leave their doors wide open, as the atmosphere was too pleasant to avoid.

The white minivan coasted through the center of town, and the tinted windows failed to reveal the little boy in the back seat with his face pressed against the glass. He had never been here before. He had always been too young to go on trips far from home. But today was the day. It was the four year old’s first outing and he would prove to his mother that he could handle it.

“THERE IT IS!” the child shouted, causing his mother to jump in her seat. He started flailing in his car seat and waving frantically in the air as soon as the large building they had been traveling to came into view.

The vehicle rounded the corner, and pulled into the front parking lot with a crunch of gravel. A familiar shift of the transmission, and the car was in park. The driver took her time retrieving her purse and reaching back to unbuckle the boy’s seatbelt, and then pulled him from his car seat and out into the air.
Softly, she set him down to the ground, and the little boy wasted no time to take advantage of his newfound freedom and sprinted towards building.

“Charlie! Hold on one second!” his mother protested, as she walked swiftly after him.
An enormous museum with glass for walls stood right on the edge of the city. The sun reflected off the smooth surface so Charlie could see himself as he approached it. There was a large concrete archway hovering over the entrance with the words “Lilycove Aquarium” carved into it. In addition were carvings of Carvanha, Wailmer, Clamperl and other various aquatic creatures all lining the stone arch.

Charlie's mother caught up to him as they passed beneath it, taking him by the hand and attempting to catch her breath.

“Tickets please?” a kind woman said once they reached the main entrance.
“Oh one second,” came the mother’s voice as she ruffled through her purse. “I have them right….ah, here they are.” She handed the two small clips of paper over triumphantly.

“Thank you very much, enjoy your visit.” The ticket lady gave a fake smile and gestured them inside.

Charlie then dragged his mother through the spinning door entrance, and into the building.

He couldn’t believe his eyes once he first caught sight of the giant fish tanks stretching all the way up to the ceiling. The design made him feel as if he were actually at the bottom of the ocean. Light was streaming lightly out of the enormous tanks, causing them to have a glow in the dark effect.

“Out of my way!” puffed a fat, bald man as he used his stomach more like a bumper to push his way through the crown. “There are toilets to unclog!” He held up his plunger and started waving it in the air as an old woman would with her cane.

"My, what a horrible man," said one lady, pulling her daughter closer.

It seemed as though he were gaining weight the closer he got to Charlie; two chins turned into three, and the pants beneath his overhanging stomach grew tighter and tighter. Charlie imagined himself using them as a parachute in retrospect to their massive size.

“What are you looking at, boy?!” He arched a thick, ugly eyebrow and stared expectantly at the child. “What? No speak-o Englesh-o?”

Charlie stared wide-eyed up at the plumber, as there was a lot to see, and caught a glimpse of a tiny white name tag hanging from his chest, with the lettering: Head of Sanitation- Mario. The hairless giant waddled away grumpily, mumbling to himself. As he turned the corner, the little boy could have sworn that he saw the edge of a hamburger wrapper hanging out of his back pocket.

“WOW!” shouted Charlie, just noticing the creatures in the glass fortress. “That’s a Sharpedo!” He bolted towards the tank, but only making it halfway there as a shoe lace came undone causing him to trip over his feet and fall to the ground. The momentum sent him sliding like a seal over the polished marble floor before slowing to a stop.

“Oh, be careful dear.” A blonde woman had appeared, and lifted him up off the ground.

“Don’t you know that the gravitational pull of the earth’s orbit attracts matter to it with effects not unlike a giant magnetic device? It is just like Newton’s First Law of motion, which clearly states that every object in a state of uniform motion tends to remain in that state of motion unless an external force is applied to it.”

“Um?” the child had no idea what to say in response to the woman’s speech. He was too busy looking at the shark-like creature stalking back and forth behind the protective glass.

“Are you here with no one else?” she asked kindly, looking around for someone to confirm her suspicion.

Not turning his head away from the giant fish, the boy pointed towards the information booth where his Mother stood reading a pamphlet entitled "Splashin' Around - Our new Magikarp exhibit. Opening Soon."
“Oh, I see. Well follow me then, the tour will begin shortly.” She didn’t wait for his approval, but simply grasped his hand and dragged him away from the enticing fish tank, and over to his mother.

A few people gathered around in moments, as the blond woman started speaking. “Hello, my name is Fiona, and I will be your tour guide on this fine day. Together we will explore the many possibilities and species of several different Pokémon types beneath the surface of the sea. Scientists believe that there are several unknown factors involving pressure and adaptability the more leagues one travels into the ocean. As a normal human anatomy could not survive such pressure, there could be Pokémon that have survived and have become immune to this occurrence, allowing them to reside within depths that man cannot reach. On our journey, we will view the interesting aspects of our aquatic friends, and admire them in a habitat similar to their original; we will also be viewing possible animations for creatures that may exist without our knowing. So without further adieu, let us begin, shall we?”

The small group of people was caught off guard at the abrupt movement of the speaking woman. Most had daydreamed off to admire the fine craftsmanship of the aquarium, while one or two seemed to doze off slightly in the duration of the woman’s speech. But in a few moments they all gathered themselves, catching up to her as she sped down the corridor; Charlie's mother took his hand once again and followed them.

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