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Default Re: Two for the Show

This cheerfulness was short-lasted, however. In the few moments that the two took to embrace the applause, the skeet machine began smoking uncontrollably before exploding with a loud bang.

Several screams erupted from the crowd as the immediately jumped from their seats and maniacally rushed to the exits like a horde of ants enclosing a piece of fallen candy. The machine sputtered, snapped, and with a whistling sound began shooting disks randomly and repeatedly in all directions resembling a demented machine gun.

Ben had to duck swiftly as the cannon spun in circles, sending discs flying in every direction to ricochet off of the walls. In fear he dropped to the floor and thought he heard a little girl screaming in the background before he realized the voice was his own.

Emma laughed to herself for a moment at the feminine sound coming from the male cowering on the floor in fetal position.

“Haha, Ben, it’s not going to- OOF!” she clutched her stomach in pain as a stray disc was sent flying into her abdomen.

“Serves you right!” Ben gloated at the girl wincing slightly and rubbing the place where the object hit her, while he himself remained cowered on the tiled floor.

There was another sudden eruption of noise as the cannon exploded a final time, sending every disc inside of it flying across the arena. Due to a series of unfortunate events, five discs hit repetitively on the same area of the glass wall separating the aquarium from the sea. In effect, a circle in the glass shattered, splitting wider and wider as the cracks stretched from the small circle of weakness to the far edges of the window. It took about ten seconds before the entire panel of glass was spider webbed in cracks.

“What, in the name of Mary is going on in here?!” Mario waddled back into the room cautiously, obviously hearing the racket and too curious to not intrude. He took an annoying bite out of his abnormally large hamburger. “Vat happen voo vuh vindow?” he tried to speak through a full mouth, but sprayed food particles onto clean floor instead.

Emma glared at him in fury at the giant mess he had caused, arching an eyebrow to signify that she couldn’t interpret what he was saying. Be stood up slowly from the floor, relieved at the cease of the firing machine but still twitching slightly and darting his eyes left to right nervously.

Mario gulped loudly, swallowing his food, before he said again, “What happened to the window?” He then pointed to the large sheet of glass that was no longer flawless but barely see through. At this, he begin to swiftly walk towards it, but paid little attention to where he was walking and did not notice the large puddle of water on the pool’s edge that resided there from the Remoraid’s water bullets. His feet slipped out from beneath him, and in a scene that resembled a slow-motion movie, his arms flung out in his fall as he screamed, “My sandwich!” The calorie-packed hamburger flew from his hands and directly into the window he was approaching.

The already weak screen of glass gave way to this slight added pressure and broke suddenly into tiny bits and pieces. With a shattering explosion, the water held into the pool by the, now vacant, glass wall was sent overflowing into the ocean.

The two rebellious Remoraid weren’t ignorant enough to overlook this sudden chance at freedom. BB gave her trainer a menacing glare before darting through the water current to the open sea. Paintball, being the more dimwitted of the two, simply lolled after her, having never broken the habit of being her shadow.

“Come back here!” Emma yelled, waving her fist in the air as an elderly man would, had he been chasing obnoxious children from his yard. “Ben, GET THE BREATHERS AND THE PAIR FOR ACT THREE!”

Her companion, however, was somewhat slow to register the message, staring blankly at her as if confused with what had just happened.

“HURRY!” This message struck home, and sent Ben flying to the room backstage.

Emma wasted no time, as she turned on her heel and ran directly for the storage closet. It took her a matter of seconds to slam into it, wrench it open and crash through it, leaving every shelf she bumped into to crash to the floor in her wake. She ruffled through a cabinet before finding what she had been searching for; she pushed her way back through the clutter and emerged from the closet victorious.

She raced back to the center of the arena to meet her show partner who was waiting with two tiny breathing devices and an equal amount of Poke Balls.

“Here you are, m’lady,” Ben stated as if the matter at hand wasn’t urgent. He handed her a Poke Ball and the breathing mouth piece.

“Great. Here.” Emma shoved a pair of flippers into his chest as she took the objects from him, then rushed to put them on as Ben did same at a significantly slower speed.

As soon as the two were prepared, they each faced the ocean that was now completely open to the stadium, as the glass window was no longer there.

“Come on out, Wailmer; we need you!” Emma chimed as she tossed her ball roughly towards the water. Ben followed suit, though, his toss was a bit more feminine as he flicked his wrist slightly once the orb left his hand.

Two beams of light exploded from them and traveled simultaneously into the ocean. Two growing, red figures appeared in its place, turning white slowly before materializing completely.

The two identical Pokémon blended in slightly with the water, as the only area of their bodies that was not blue was their bellies, which were masked beneath the water’s surface. Four dark, beady eyes peered expectantly at the two trainers, as the one on the left spouted a bit of water through the nostrils above its eyes, while the one on the right moaned eerily, causing the noise to echo of the large and painted cement walls. Each of the two had a broad, uncanny grin on their face. Though, the smiles reflected more a feel of determination as opposed to pleasure.
“I wonder…” came Ben’s pondering tone. “Do you think their faces hurt? I mean, they can never stop smiling. Surely they couldn’t possibly be happy all the time, yet that dorky grin is permanently plastered on their faces.”

Emma rolled her eyes ignoring him, placed the breathing device into her mouth, and dived into the ocean.

It was shallow. About eight feet or so, as the rocks and pebbles surround this part of the building differed from the naturally sandy bottom of the ocean floor. The water was clear however, the female could see as far as her eyes would allow her to with the amount of sunlight breaching the water’s surface. She kicked her feet slowly, though she was able to achieve a decent amount of momentum through the water as her flippers did the majority of the work for her.

A sound wave burst through the water, and Emma bent her body to look over her shoulder where a white bubbly cocoon of liquid was fizzing around the figure of Ben. From the angle of his body, it appeared as though he had fallen unexpectedly into the water rather than jumped willingly.

She waited for him to look at her until she pointed at the Wailmer waiting patiently a couple yards away. He nodded, and the two of them swam towards the creature and grabbed hold of identical fins. Immediately, the two whales turned and shot into the depths of the ocean. This wasn’t the first time they were used to retrieve escaped Pokémon, and they knew exactly where they were going.

The two human performers paid no attention to the vivid scenery beneath them. They ignored the colony of Corsola huddled together in a shallow abyss, sealing whatever lied beneath it from view. A lone Krabby scurrying across a barren stretch of sand stared angrily up at the group of intruders, clicking his pincers angrily as if he expected to fight the four of them himself, and win.

There was little else to see apart from the enormous coral reef emerging into view. The colorful aquatic plants swayed in the ocean current, calming and untouched. As they finally neared the edge of this massive city of life, Ben shot a finger in front of him, which lead roughly to the location of two shining bullets, one silver, one violet; each were circling a bright yellow flower. They acted as if entranced by a Sweet Scent, though underwater that was impossible.

The whales crept further into the coral until they were about ten yards away from the two fish, where Emma finally let go of her Pokémon’s fin. She nodded approval at it as she breathed through her mouth piece, which sent a shower of tiny bubbles racing towards the surface.

Ben recognized the situation and released his whale as well, giving it a nice pat on its rubbery hide before letting the pair perform what they were trained for.

Barely a moment after, each whale created an opaque violet aura around themselves allowed it to grow larger and larger before finally twitching noticeably, and sending the purple swirls of energy rocketing towards the ignorant fish. Both of the Astonish attacks hit their mark, and with a stroke of perfect luck, both of the Remoraid flinched into position, preparing for the moment when they could attack in return.

The element of surprise had ended, and each whale wasted no time before they began to create another attack identical each other. A low hiss sounded through the depths of the sea, as streams of water collected into the mouths of the Wailmer. At the peak of the move, each sent an enormous geyser of compacted liquid at each of the fish, and being flinched, there was nowhere to dodge each powerful Hydro Pump. They surged through the sea water in a casing of bubbles, allowing the trainers to see exactly what was happening.

The pair of rebellious Pokémon were flung backwards through the water as if a couple of flies being swatted away, they twirled around as they slowed from the momentum of the attack. The Pokémon did not take kindly to the intrusion, and each of them immediately conjured individual attacks. The purple Remoraid furiously sent an eruption of glowing yellow darts stinging through the water and into Emma’s oaf of a Wailmer. The painful Bullet Seed did not relent until the shiny fish had released the entire attack. Each lustrous seed sent bubbles rising to the shimmering ocean surface, where they burst into the air.

Paintball, however, being the more dimwitted of the two, decided against an identical super effective attack, and instead created a wave-like, maroon beam of light that was sent rippling through the ocean before it hit the untouched Wailmer. Though painful, the Psybeam did not have as much impact as the Bullet Seed, as Emma’s Wailmer was left significantly weaker.

The speedy fish then began pulsing with sound energy as they beat circles of water toward their opponents. The stronger Wailmer happened to release a veil of white haze that came pouring from its wide open mouth and enclosing the entire area in an icy mist. The Water Pulses from the Remoraid were sent of target and the two Wailmer remained solemn in the new cover.

BB had a counter for this unfortunately. While the silver fish prepared another Psybeam that hit off mark yet again, she buckled into position, locking her eyes on Emma’s Wailmer before releasing a sheer Ice Beam attack, guided by a Lock-on. It pounded viciously into the screaming whale, which became enclosed in a freezing case of ice. It was a strange scene to both Ben and Emma, the frozen Wailmer slowly started to rise. It bobbed awkwardly on the surface of the water.

Emma groaned disappointedly in her throat as she recalled the indigo whale back into its Poké Ball.

As opposed to Paintball, Ben’s Wailmer was the cleverer of the two. Realizing he had to finish the battle before he too was unfit to fight, he pulsed swiftly with glowing light before releasing a blast of glowing green circles into the clearing mist, which each found a mark on one of the defiant fish. The Grass typed Hidden Power attack was enough to weaken them to the point where they heaved with exhaustion. Wasting no time to allow her Pokémon to regain energy, Emma thrust her Poké Ball out into the water before attempting to shout “Remoraid, return!” However, the sound was muffled through her mouth piece, and resembled that of a gurgling baby instead of a stern command. She peered through the air bubbles as a crimson light shot out from her Poké Ball and weaved its way to the tiring fish.

Ben saw the opening and did the same with his Poké Ball. The pair waited anxiously in the few seconds that seemed to take hours as the jets of light approached their victims. They were not in the mood to continue battling…

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