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Default Re: Pokémon Kindergarten (Goo goo gaga, Sign-ups)

(i made my character a nerd) xD

i just threw this together quickly, hope i get accepted ^^

Name: Riley Woodworth

Gender: Male

Age: 5 (and 1/4 as he likes to claim)

Description: Although they tend to find themselves slicked back in an unfashionable manner, Riley's wild black locks cannot be tamed by any amount of hair-gel. They sit prominently atop his head, as though surveying the area, jutting out at any awkward angle imaginable. Beneath the supposed "girl magnet" hairdo lies a pale white face, unblemished but for a few sparse freckles dotting the bridge of his nose. A rigid pair of glossy black bifocals is usually seen plastered against his face, somewhat drawing the attention from his crazy hair. The boy stands at a stumpy 3'9", and it is customary to see him clothed in a flawless sweater-vest dyed the deepest of maroon. Accentuating this captivating top is a pair of ironed-stiff khaki shorts that reach just below his knees, tickling the soft skin beneath. To complete his outfit, his feet had been roughly shoved into size 2 brown dress shoes, cut low against the chalky socks that rise up to his ankles.

Personality: Undoubtedly, Riley spends a vast majority of his time snuggled into his favorite pop-up book or struggling to get a leg-up on his classmates in the fields of academics. Although he is so very young, the boy has mastered the art of tying one's shoes (an impressive feat among his companions) and can recite the alphabet by heart. Having been raised by a team of analytical professor parents, Riley was destined from birth to grow up acheiving far more than his surrounding students. The cold, stainless steel walls of his parent's labratory had not offered the boy a chance to interact with children of his own age, yet he was perfectly content among the experimental Magneton and Bronzong, as well as the characters in his children's books. Riley, although he isnt keen to admit it, is a bit of a snoot, always correcting others' grammar and jumping at any chance to show off his talents.

Pokemon: Eva the Mareep

Other: N/A