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Default Re: Chimchar's trades and cloning*1st poster on page 10 gets any pkmn*

Originally Posted by Flygon Ruler View Post
need the pidgey. What do you want for it?
shineys,ev trained and events*
Originally Posted by brett5656 View Post
the shiny eevee i offer wishmkr jirachi or auror mew
no thanx any ev trained pokemon?
Originally Posted by Eplekak3 View Post
The shiny Chimchar, the EVs listed is the only thing touched about it? I want, can offer legit shiny Kricketune(Japanese) plus something? Japanese starters(can fully evolve or give last name in japanese as nick if you want), a few EV'd pokemons, master balls, some TMs, anything you want?
no thanx
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