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Default Re: [RP] Final Fantasy: Sphere of Creation

Davion Sargtlin
Besaid Island

His armour, being black and a perfect conductor of heat, was like a walking pressure cooker, so honestly he would have preferred going by the wet route. There were other bonuses to going by the watery pathway as well, but those were more aesthetic than practical, in any case. Still, he respected Rose's choice and nodded his agreement to it, starting off on the dry route. Thankfully, the climate here was not too different from the one he was used to, and it was only the clothing that differed. If he had been from Greenland or something instead, he would probably have melted by now, rather like a snowman.

"I say we head for the Temple first. We might learn something about this world we're in. It might not be identical to the Spira we know after all. That, and there are always things to be found in ancient temples."

Davion turned around and looked at the three that were behind him, walking backwards as he did. They were an odd lot, but he did not intend to complain about it. As long as they were in this together, he might as well live with the fact that his allies' took on Alchemists and White Magi as their default dressphere, and that he was going to have to be the one to protect them. It was as simple as that, he was the sword until they found a new one, which would hopefully be soon.
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