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Default Dawn of Heroes: The Thousand Year War(SU)

Heroes: Destiny's Deception is a custom RP. The ideas in it may be based from things.

The world was a dark, and forbidding place. Everywhere, the shadows consumed the area. Light was nowhere to be found. Slaves of all species were under command of the Darkness. And it was all ruled by him....The Shadow King. Several thousand years ago, he had waged war against the world. His power overcome the armies, and he eventually gained control of everything. Nobody knows of his origins. Some people say that he was built from the evils and darkness hidden in everyone's hearts.
As the years went by, rumors spread about. Rumors that the light exists. Preachers among various groups of slaves claimed they have seen the light, had visions, and even touched it. People who believed such things were punished to exile. This caused the talking to cease. But on the inside, people still believed. And little did they know, this was true.
Several children, of many different species, were born. Each of these children, with a special power, unique to themselves. Wheather it be super speed, or pyrokinetics, these beings have the power to defeat the Shadow King. These beings must realize they're power, and band together to defeat the Darkness, and bring peace to the planet.

[Sound good?]

Attacks: (Must relate to you power)

Abide all PE2K rules
No God-Modding
No bunnying unless permission is granted
Must be COMMITTED to the Rp
Romance allowed, but no in-bed seriousness, only dating.
Mild Profanity allowed.

I hope this turns out good......

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