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Default [REVIVED!] Chronicles of the Shards

I'm baaaack! Exhausted, but nevertheless back. I missed this website. Mindless rambling aside...

I have been missing for several months now. Long story short, I have revived Chronicles again, and I hope to keep it alive until the end. An extremely gisted summary of what happened in chapters one through eighteen:

We are introduced first to the legend of the Eon Sisters. Mew comes down from the heavens and offers five Eevee elemental powers and gives them gems to protect that embody their element. We find out that each were murdered brutally and that a prophecy was left regarding an Eevee named Amethyst, whom we encounter in the present day.

The remainder of the story is told from Amethyst’s viewpoint. A Noctowl named Horus delivers news of the prophecy and offers Umbreon’s gem to her so that she can fulfill her duties. After being attacked by three Mightyena, she encounters a Bayleef named Oddweed, who ends up saving her life. She finds out about her mysterious connection to Umbreon hen she falls asleep and is transported inside of the gem to communicate with her spirit. The shards of the gems Umbreon tried to protect also contain the broken spirits of her sisters and need to be obtained if they are to rest in peace.

Not too long after she and Odd wake up, Articuno attacks them. Pushing her limits to the point where she passes out, she winds up defeating the corrupted Articuno, claiming the first of Vapreon’s shards. She is thanked by the Legend and soaks in the hot springs of his mountain home, and Rae, a shining Pikachu, joins the party, though somewhat reluctantly. When she sleeps that night, Umbreon reveals her past relationship with a Sneasel named Katana.

The group wakes up and comes to the conclusion that Lugia would be the next closest Legend with a Shard. All agreeing, they start to leave, in the process defeating a Rhyhorn named Richter. Richter reveals to them the location of a Kingler named Salty. At this point, Rae reveals his past relationship with humans, which wasn’t a great one.

In trying to sneak onto a boat with humans to get out to sea, the group is captured. Blake, the human who had formerly owned Rae, attempts to capture Amethyst but is thwarted by none other than Salty. Salty rescues Amethyst and takes her to Odd, but she is upset when she finds out that Rae is still on the boat. At this point, Lugia attacks. Amethyst gets dragged under the sea when she tries to fight Lugia. When she recovers, she fights Lugia until his body rejects the darkened shard inside of him, and she is trapped in his collapsing cave. Eventually, Salty rescues her and takes her to a small sandbar, where Rae and Odd are revealed to be alive. Salty leaves to gather food with Odd; Rae and Amethyst share a sunset together.

Amethyst next has to fight Sea Mother Kyogre and Father Earth Groudon. Both are enraged at each other and at the fact that Sea Guardian Lugia has been attacked. Salty and Odd return and attack, weakening the Legends some. It takes a finishing blow from Amethyst to extract the shards from both of them. She falls asleep, and Umbreon reveals that Salty had some sort of relationship with her sister Vaporeon, guardian of the water gem.

The foursome swims out to a forest where Celebi and Suicune are rumored to live. As Amethyst and Rae begin to relax, Odd detects a disturbance and, sure enough, Suicune comes to attack. The group would have perished if Celebi had not intervened at a crucial time. Amethyst and Celebi fight alongside each other, eventually chasing the corrupted Suicune off. Celebi asks a few suspicious questions, and another, wounded Celebi appears.

Both Celebi try to convince Amethyst that they are the real one, so Amethyst attacks them both. The wounded Celebi was actually an illusion; the figure behind the illusion turns out to be a corrupted Ho-Oh. The purified Celebi goes on about how Amethyst is arrogant, and how she isn’t corrupted because of the lack of a grass shard. Celebi and Amethyst agree to join forces, at least until Suicune and Ho-Oh are subdued. Amethyst asks to see the Eon Sisters and how they perished, and Celebi agrees, taking her and Rae.

A carefree Vaporeon is shown swimming with a younger Salty. The two search for undersea treasures together, and eventually leave. The next morning, humans come after her gem, and release Pokémon to attack her. Vapor is extremely powerful, but eventually becomes a bloody carcass on the bottom of the sea. The Eon Sisters are found grieving, and each of their personalities are revealed through their interactions. Salty is torn by Vapor’s death and proceeds to destroy a lot of the things they find together.

The motherly Flareon and her mate Coale the Quilava are shown with their children debating about dinner. A human comes to attack Flare, and Flare insists that Coale stay out of the conflict, but eventually allows him to fight alongside her. He becomes disabled by an imprison attack from a half-blind Ninetales under the control of a human. The gem is stolen, and when Flare tries to retrieve it, getting struck by an iron tail attack that was placed in such a way that her neck is broken. She dies instantly.

Jolteon, the most volatile of the sisters, is enraged by Flare’s death. Jolt leaves her eldest daughter in charge of her younger sisters and leaves to confront Espeon about the prediction of their deaths. She finds Espeon, who explains somewhat briefly about the consequences of her powers. Jolt doesn’t believe her and attacks. Espeon takes the beating without fighting back initially, but eventually uses a powerful psychic blow on her that leaves her badly wounded. She returns to her home to find that a human had captured her eldest daughter. In trying to retrieve the gem from her enslaved daughter, she is hurled into a fire by the trainer’s Charizard and burned to death.

Chapter 19 will be up sometime later tonight.

Done: 800

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