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Default Re: [REVIVED!] Chronicles of the Shards

Urg, very exhausted right now. Most of this was already written, I just needed to add the last half or so. Again, not that great (rather short...), and I apologize, I just wanted to give you a fanfic-warming present.

Chapter 19

We did not have to travel far to Espa; the forest looked pretty much the same as it had when Jolt first visited her, but I knew this was the day before her death. Espa sat on a fallen stump, eyes closed, red gem flashing as small stick levitated around her head. I watched in fascination as they spiraled faster, then took on a red glow. Espa opened her eyes, which were also glowing red, and let out a soft growl. The twigs blasted forward and sailed through several trees, creating clean holes in each of them. Espa seemed satisfied and calmer now.

“Espeon, it was hardly right of you to attack Jolteon.” I looked up to see two Eevee approach Espa, both with the same expressionless demeanor that she held. If these were her two sons, why weren’t they calling her “Mom?” I could understand being formal if that was the way these pups were raised, but how could they address her by her formal title? Espa frowned at them.

“I was protecting her. I told you that,” Espa told her sons calmly.

“Espeon,” the second interjected, “You protected her, you claim, but she wound up dead. You know that. You and Umbreon are the last of the guardians. The humans will come for you, and you will be killed,” he reminded her, voice not even so much as cracking. She sighed, closing her eyes briefly.

“El? Kobin?”

“Yes Espeon?” El, the first of the twin sons, asked.

“…I must ask you to leave. Do not go to Umbreon; she will die upon finding me, and so will you. Head instead to Squire’s grave. The gravekeepers will ensure your safety,” Espa told them. I glanced at Celebi.

“Squire is a Delcatty. The pups’ father, he suffered from dystrophy, died a few years prior to this,” she explained briefly. I looked back at the discussion between the family.

“Espeon? You do not plan on seeking out the humans, do you?” Kobin asked.

“I repeat, the gravekeepers of Squire’s tomb will keep you safe. Go there. Now. This is the last time I will see you,” Espa told them. Her sons glanced up at her, eyes starting to tear. “El, Kobin, do not shed tears for me. It will go against all Squire and I have taught you. Emotions can only get in your way. You saw that in Jolteon, and you will experience it if you allow yourselves to give in to sadness. Everyone is destined to die; my time is now. Go.” Both pups glanced at each other in silence, then showed very different reactions. Kobin instantly began to softly cry, leaning on his mother’s body. El merely stood in silence, head bowed, hiding his sadness just as his mother instructed him.

“Bless you, Espeon,” El told her, breathing deeply through his nose. Kobin snuffled as Espeon pulled away from him, then convulsed with quiet sobs he tried desperately to hide for his mother. She turned away from them both, waited for them to take off into the deep forest where their father was buried, and then calmly marched her way towards the site of her death.

I felt angrier with Espa than I should have been. She was the selfish sister; Jolt was right. She forced her pups to grow up according to her standards, she allowed Jolt to die without interfering, and she thought that sentencing herself to death for it would make her noble! I let out a soft growl at her departing back, Rae backing away from me.

“Forgive me, Mew,” Espa whispered as we followed her. She leaped delicately over several fallen branches, logs, and other debris. “I, the first of the Eons evolved, have failed you in your goal to keep the elements under the control of Pokémon for eternity. For this spiteful crime against Pokémon kind, I hereby allow myself, with no regrets, to face and experience death firsthand.” Espa hesitated, as though recalling a vision to herself, then stomped deliberately on a twig. This startled a nearby lone Stantler, who blindly charged over her. She let out a cry and collapsed onto her side, getting up and testing her body. She could not place weight on her left hind paw. Seemingly satisfied, but in pain, she continued her trek.

Celebi eventually sped us forward to when Espa finally reached her destination, which I seemed to find familiar, somehow. I looked around the cave, trying to glean from it some sort of memory, but could find nothing. Espeon turned and rested her leg, then growled as soon as a human entered, an Absol at his side.

“It’s about time we caught you. Absol, slash!” the man commanded. The Absol leaped up and clawed as Espeon, the gem ripping off of her neck. It was a clean job; the man had to leave now, right? Espa glared, her psychic powers useless against the dark-type Absol. Absol sneered at her, as did his trainer.

“One more to go. I know you know where the last gem is, Espeon,” the man threatened her, nodding at his Absol. The Absol advanced on Espeon, who backed away slowly, careful not to put any weight on her hind leg. She glared at the man, lifted him up with her mind, and slammed him against the cave’s wall. Upon hearing his trainer’s cry of pain, the Absol immediately leaped on Espeon, trained to the point where the slightest threat to the human would provoke him to attack. He chomped on her neck, blood spurting from under his teeth, and she let out a fierce yowl and tried to shake him off. She managed to loosen his grip, collapsing on the ground, and the man stood up.

“Be that way, then. There’s nothing stopping Team Diabolus from getting the last of the gems, you know,” he told her. He clucked his tongue at his Absol, who proceeded to trot after his master. Espa stared after them and merely bared her teeth in a forced smile, forcing herself up on her front paws. The gem on her forehead began to glow a bright blue, and in spite of the blood gushing from her neck she managed to use her powers to scrawl out words in an ancient dialect on the wall. I watched her powers scratch these words forever into the wall, and I gasped out loud at what they said.

Five sisters were born centuries ago
Mew came to them with a tale to show
Embodiments of water, fire, and thunder
Psychic smarts and darkness’ plunder
The gems of power kept ‘round their necks
Until the day no one expects
Should the gems be snatched away
By evil powers that turn white gray
Then up from the shadows arise one of us
Who, though quite timid, will become a must
Flareon, Espeon, Vaporeon,
Jolteon and Umbreon
An unsung hero rise from our midst
We call to duty Eevee Amythyst

With a final gasp of pain, blood spurted from Espa’s mouth, and her head hit the ground, her gem ceasing to glow and her eyes rolling up in her head. I gasped, tail winding around my front paws. Celebi smiled down at me.

“That’s you,” she told me, as though I didn’t know. What I was most shocked by was the fact that Espa was the one who had carved these words, not Umbra. So how would Umbra…?

“Espa? Espa, where are you?”

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