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Default TCG for GB?

Where do we post about TCG for GB? There's boards for the versions but not TCG!

Anyway, does anyone know where I can find Pidgeotto? I need one for the Psychic Machamp Deck.

Evolves from Pidgey
Lv. 36
HP 60
(Doesn't state if it's Forest or Fossil)
CC Whirlwind 20
If your opponent has any benched Pokemon, he or she chooses 1 of them and switchs it with the defending Pokemon. (Do the damage before switching the Pokemon.)
CCC Mirror Move No Damage
If Pidgeotto was attacked the last turn, do the final results of that attack on Pidgeotto to the defending Pokemon.
Retreat Cost: C
Weakness: L
Resistance: F
No. 17
Bird Pokemon
Length 3' 7"
Weight 66lbs.
Very protective of its sprawling territory, this Pokemon will fiercely peck at any intruder.

I hope this is enought info on the card. PLEASE HELP!
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