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Default Re: Teen Titans: New Allies!

Eevee, at the risk of hipocrisy, please don't be rude to Espeon. I know, we may all be obsessive-correctors, but there has to be a time when it comes to a stop.

After you reprimanded me about talking to Kittengirl like that, I PM-ed her to say I was sorry - I learnt my lesson. I felt terrible for being rude to her after what you told me. What you said really stung, it hurt me, Eevee, and I think you're hurting Espeon.

It feels good correcting people, getting the world back in order again, but spare a thought for the people you correct. They may not like it, and Espeon just wants a decent roleplay to play through - she'll get better in time, and then everything will be correct just like we want it to. I think it's hurtful to rectify somebody in that manner, and they may get seriously depressed or upset. They'll listen to you if you tell them nicely (what I said to Kittengirl wasn't very nice, but I don't want to hurt her feelings, and I tried very hard in my post not to) and you'll get your way. Just be nice.

So, if you want to teach Espeon how to make a better roleplay, please do it amiably, or don't do it at all.

I've roleplayed with your before (in my Wanlingnic account?) and - please don't be angry - you're a very insensitive guy. You don't feel or empathise with others, and it hurts them very much. But if you were a little nicer, and maybe paused to understand how they felt, it'd just may help the whole PE2K.
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