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Default Re: Teen Titans: New Allies!

Hope this is fine:

Name: Youso Matosaga

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Powers: He has the power of turning into anything that he touches. He can't morph into other person's body.

Personality: Youso is a loner, by nature. He doesn't like to talk with strangers neither with his few friends. Youso just likes to be left alone with his own feelings and thoughts: these are they most beloved friends.
Sometimes Youso can be really devilish, destroying everyone and everything with his 'inside power', just to achieve his objectives.
He really doesn't care if he's doing anything wrong or anything right, instead of it, he just cares about himself.


History: Youso had a perfect, but normal childhood. He grew up in a normal familly, with normal parents and normal friends.
All was normal, untill the day his parents died, leaving him with his grandfather who was a fisherman. His parents death, turned Youso into a much stronger and kindfull person. This attitude made Youso's grandfather, Julius, very proud of him.

Other: Youso's weak point is his mind.

Starter-post: Do I need to provide this, or can I put it in the RP thread?
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