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Default Re: Teen Titans: New Allies!

Originally Posted by Judith View Post
Eevee, at the risk of hipocrisy, please don't be rude to Espeon. I know, we may all be obsessive-correctors, but there has to be a time when it comes to a stop.

After you reprimanded me about talking to Kittengirl like that, I PM-ed her to say I was sorry - I learnt my lesson. I felt terrible for being rude to her after what you told me. What you said really stung, it hurt me, Eevee, and I think you're hurting Espeon.

It feels good correcting people, getting the world back in order again, but spare a thought for the people you correct. They may not like it, and Espeon just wants a decent roleplay to play through - she'll get better in time, and then everything will be correct just like we want it to. I think it's hurtful to rectify somebody in that manner, and they may get seriously depressed or upset. They'll listen to you if you tell them nicely (what I said to Kittengirl wasn't very nice, but I don't want to hurt her feelings, and I tried very hard in my post not to) and you'll get your way. Just be nice.

So, if you want to teach Espeon how to make a better roleplay, please do it amiably, or don't do it at all.

I've roleplayed with your before (in my Wanlingnic account?) and - please don't be angry - you're a very insensitive guy. You don't feel or empathise with others, and it hurts them very much. But if you were a little nicer, and maybe paused to understand how they felt, it'd just may help the whole PE2K.
Alright, fine I give up, I'll leave Esp alone until she wants help. But for the last time Jud, that character was specifically designed to be a jerk. I was designing him entirely around Dr. Cox from Scrubs, who was a complete jerk. I'm not really like that, except when it comes to certain people, and them it's only because I care. But if you really think I'm being hurtful, then fine, I'm just not going to care anymore. But quit holding that character over me, the entire point of this is to be a character you aren't.

Originally Posted by espeonlover View Post
Get outta here.

Your Right, he has been doing this crit thing since he joined.
Fine. I'll leave you alone. I'm just not going to care anymore Esp, what you do is none of my business. But for the thousandth and last time, the "crit thing", almost everyone does it around here, and as long as there are good RPers on PE2K (which I've noticed a lack of, hence why I don't have anyone backing me up this time, Jud not withstanding of course), they are going to crit RPs that aren't as good as they could be.
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