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Default Re: [SU] Rise Of The God Dracos!

Name- Tyson Dako



Appearance-Tyson stands at six feet tall. Tyson wears a sweater that is blue, black and red. Tyson stomache part of the sweater is blue, where there is two pockets in his sweater there has a print of a pokeball on there and can fit his hands in. His hood of the sweater is blood red, and his short sleeves are red. Besides that he has peach skin and an alethic body. Tyson wears baggy blue jeans and red and blue sneakers, with a pair of Fingerless gloves.

Personality-Tyson is very stubborn, kind, and tough. Tyson cares for his Draco, and for his loves one. Tyson would do anything to make anyone happy. Tyson only becomes stubborn when he's batling cause he never likes to give up; that alos makes him tough. Tyson can be brave but he's mostly taking care of any one besides him self. Tyson dosen't get relax and confedient, sometimes he does. Tyson has one thing no one has in his family Courage.

History- Tyson had a great life but was missing something in that great life. Tyson loves to draw not a lot though, one day Tyson had figured he can draw his own draco, though he had a family Draco pet who protects the house. But anyway he draws two Draco's. It took time to make it magnificent. As he created it came alive. The draco was an Mouse. The mouse idea is from Raichu the mouse pokemon, Tysob had always love pokemon.


Draco Form



Description- Sparks is orange a light orange color. Sparks has an long tail that is shaped like a lighting belt. Sparks has big feet and paws, meduim size ears. Sparks eyes are dark red, and there is two dark red circles on it's cheeks so it can produce electricity in and out it's cheeks or body.

Special Technique- Sparks also can make electricity appearing around it's body fora whole half of a minute.

Personality- Sparks is kind and caring. Sparks would risk his life Tyson anytime, anyday. Sparks goes with Tyson everywhere. Sparks loves battling and fighting other Draco's who he thinks is the best. Sparks is very strong,tough and a little stubborn. Sparks will never give up a battle, even if he's badly hurt. Sparks will do anything to protect Tyson.
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