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Default Re: [SU] The HitchHikers Guide to the Galaxy

Name: Colin or Bot No. 223219BURe-orderCodeSeqbotrevb
Age: 26? (old gen. charachter re-born!)
Gender: Genderless
Species: Security Robot

Personality: Colin is generally extatic at every moment of every day, he likes being shouted at and just being generally annoying. He can never be angry or depressed because thise emotions have been disabled. Content to be happy all the time, he frolicks in the most horrible and dankest places. These emotions can return, however if you renable the personality chip. Every day, he just wants to serve his master, Arthur, mistress, Fenchurch and their children and grandchild. His favourite thing to do is singing! (Along with being happy)

History: Colin used to patrol the corridors of the Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy offices where, he was rescued by Ford Prefect and had his personality chip disabled so he could be eternally happy. He was captured by the Frogstar but, he escaped to find and serve his master. Ford sent him to serve Arthur and his family. Arthur treats him kindly but, even when Arthur shouts at him he laps it up like a cat with milk and even asks for repeated punishments. He generates many laughs at family get togethers, even more than Slarty Bartfast!

Colin is made from titaninium and has a set of legs instead of that pole, he is also only 1'6".

Why decided to recsue the Ex-President: Because he's so happy!
Other: He is quite happy! (don't know if I mentioned that!)

Credit to MidnightWolf (?) of SerebiiForums for the Banner!

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