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Default Re: Fan Made And Forum Event Pokes

May I have the details for the Star Trek fan-events?
Specifically, what are their levels and natures, and do they have any items attached?

I can offer Halloween Darkrai (made by fellow PE2K member Cool Kid 94).
(Other people also created Halloween events, but I think CK's was the only one that gained a bit of popularity among the forums last month.) Basic details are:
Species: Darkrai (Shiny)
OT: Halowen (in blue)
ID: 00666
Level: 40
Nature: Timid
Item: Dread Plate
Other Notes: Alert to sounds, Likes sweet food (Perfect for Halloween, eh?)
Ability: Bad Dreams
Moveset: Dark Void, Dark Pulse, Nightmare, Bullet Seed (Like pumpkin seeds, hehehe)
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