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Default Re: [SU] Rise Of The God Dracos!

Awesome! Sounds cool!

Name: Suteki Kura

Age: 16

Gender: Female


Personality: Suteki is shy, but she tries to make friends. It's not her fault that she lost her memory. She tries to make friends, but her cheery, yet lonely personality makes it too hard for her. She a cheery, shy, yet lonely girl.

History: Suteki can't remember much of her past. In fact, she can barely remember her own name. When she was only 12, four years ago, she was attacked by a Dark Draco, resulting in her memory loss. Now, she goes on missions with her Draco, Drasill, in hopes of trying to piece together her mysterious past.


Draco Form

Nickname: Drasill

Species: Treant Draco

Description Of Your Species: (No pendant)

Special Technique: Entangling Vines: Grabs a target with vines, entrapping them. The vines then proceed draining the life from the victim, transferring it to Drasill.

Personality: Drasill is very quiet, and laid back. Compared to his owner, he isn't as jumpy or as excited as she can get. But, even though Suteki is his official owner, he hasn't forgotten his duties as a protector of nature.
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