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Default dp876's Stats

Credit goes to Fefe for the banner!

- x -

Name: Kris
Money: $36,000
Current Position: Trainer
Pokédex: 8

- x -

Current Pokémon

Species: Xatu
Nickname: Neitori
Type: Psychic/Flying
Gender: Female
Battles: 8
Win||Lose||Draw: 6||2||0
Obtained: Starter
Ability: Early Bird ~ Sleep lasts half as long. || Synchronize ~ If Natu becomes burned, poisoned, or paralyzed, so does the enemy.
Learned Attacks: Leer, Peck, Night Shade, Teleport, Wish, Future Sight, Confuse Ray, Psychic, Lucky Chant, Miracle Eye, Me First, Psycho Shift, Ominous Wind, Power Swap, Guard Swap, Tailwind
TMs: None

Species: Venomoth
Nickname: Mayronai
Type: Bug/Poison
Gender: Male
Battles: 7
Win||Lose||Draw: 4||3||0
Obtained: Story (World Spinning Around)
Ability: Compound Eyes ~ Raises the Pokémon's accuracy by 30%. || Tinted Lens ~ The power of "not very effective" moves is doubled.
Learned Attacks: Tackle, Disable, Foresight, Supersonic, Confusion, Poisonpowder, Leech Life, Stun Spore, Psybeam, Sleep Powder, Signal Beam, Zen Headbutt, Poison Fang, Psychic, Bug Buzz, Gust, Silver Wind
TMs: None

Species: Gallade
Nickname: Soyonoe
Type: Psychic/Fighting
Gender: Male
Battles: 10
Win||Lose||Draw: 3||7||0
Obtained: Story (Heart of Stone)
Ability: Steadfast ~ Speed raises by one level every time the Pokémon flinches.
Learned Attacks: Leaf Blade, Night Slash, Leer, Confusion, Double Team, Teleport, Fury Cutter, Slash, Swords Dance, Psycho Cut, Helping Hand, Feint, False Swipe, Protect, Close Combat
TMs: None

Species: Jynx
Nickname: Shipoopi
Type: Psychic/Ice
Gender: Female
Battles: 0
Win||Lose||Draw: 0||0||0
Obtained: Gift from Scourge of Nemo
Ability: Oblivious ~ The Pokémon cannot be under the ATTRACT condition while having this ability. || Forewarn ~ Reveals the foe's strongest move.
Learned Attacks: Pound, Lick, Lovely Kiss, Powder Snow, Doubleslap, Ice Punch, Mean Look, Fake Tears, Wake-up Slap, Avalanche, Body Slam, Wring Out, Perish Song, Blizzard
TMs: None

- x -

Hard Stone
Icy Rock
Leaf Stone
Light Clay

- x -

- Own all favorite Pokémon.
- Own all starters and their evolutions.
- Own all Eeveelutions.
- Catch at least twenty Pokémon through stories.
- Become a grader.

- x -

Memorable Dates
- Obtaining starter (11/9/07)
- Winning first battle with Neitori (11/15/07)
- First evolution = Natu -> Xatu (6/17/09)
- First grade (6/20/09)

- x -

December 2007: Stone Plate
June 2009: Prism Sphere
July 2009: Pale Sphere
August 2009: Leaf Stone
September 2009: Light Clay

- x -



World Spinning Around
Going for // Venonat
Difficulty // Medium
Minimum length // 10,000-20,000 characters
Actual length // 19,060 characters
Status // Completed, Pass
A.N // First completed story. Written for the 2009 New Writers' Competition.


Heart of Stone
Going for // Ralts
Difficult // Medium
Minimum length // 10,000-20,000 characters
Actual length // 13,245 characters
Status // Completed, Pass

- x - urpg - x -

- x - banner/avi made by lunar latias - x -

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