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Default Re: [SU] Rise Of The God Dracos!

Name: Rikkido Noi

Age: 12

Gender: Male


Personality: Rikkido talks when he thinks he needs to. He minds his own business and doesn't care what others do to themselves, unless he knows them well. Sometimes girls like to flirt with him, but he doesn't do it back. He isn't shy and doesn't care what people think about him, he likes to be lazy and waste time by just caring for his draco, Frost or lying on the ground and sleeping. He makes friends when he wants to, which is rarely.

History: When Rikkido was 4 a sudden heat wave that came from an evil Fire Draco hit the house he lived in, causing it to burn, and the snow around the house to melt and start flooding. He lost no one, but he ran away with his little Draco, sometimes he would lay out some money on his parents desks at night when they were sleeping, because they were poor. Rikkido learnt to withstand the cold, however cold it was, but he could not handle heat, so he stayed up in the mountains, only to go down for food, money and for occasional supplies. Later he went back to his parents house and they had abandoned it, so he set off to look for them. He later grew resistant to both cold and hot.

Draco(s): Frost

Draco Form:

Nickname: Frost

Species: Drogan- Dog-Dragon

Description Of Your Species:

Special Technique: Icy Stride-
Frost uses his mouth to spread a long blast of ice, freezing the ground and anything in the way(not including objects with great amount of heat in them), then Frost starts running on the frozen ground, and charges head on with his horns straight at the enemy, or whatever he is attacking.

Personality: Frost is a tough Draco, he is always up for a fight, but is also loyal to Rikkido. He is usually out sprinting and jumping about, each time getting faster and higher. He loves the cold, but doesn't mind the heat. When Rikkido is sleeping, he is on guard until he turns drowsy and falls asleep.

Finished finally!

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