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Default ~*~ Elite_Battle_Master's Battling Thread ~*~

Welcome! This is my thread that will be used for all of my battles from now on. If you wish to challenge me, do it here. I will post the recent battle results here so everyone can see how they fared against me.

Please, no spamming in this thread.


-Battles will always be Lv100, single 6v6
-Sleep clause: No two pokemon on a team may be put to sleep. If a sleeping Pokemon is fainted, then you can continue to use a sleep move, but that's it.
-Evasion clause: Moves such as double team and minimize are not allowed.
-Species clause: No two same pokemon may be on a team, e.g no two Umbreons.
-OHKO clause: Moves like fissure, sheer cold, horn drill and guillotine are not allowed.
-Hax item clause: Items that rely on luck are not allowed, these include items like, brightpowder, quick claw, kings rock, scope lens, etc.
-No Ubers:


Voice Chat will Always be Off.

My Info:

D/P Name: TJ
Friend Code: 1117 6694 8115

Well, that's it. Any challengers?

So you think you are a top tier battler? Not so unless you have become the Kenohra League Champion!
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