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Default Re: Elite_Battle_Master's Battling Thread (AKA Garchomp9)

Here I will update after each battle whether it takes place here in my battle thread or not. Info will be listed as: Opponent (clan/tourney/other battle), result (how many pokemon were left).

Anyways, lets get on with it:

Platinum Record:
Wins: 6 / Losses: 2 / Draws: 0

Recent Platinum Battles:
RoflTacos (Standard OU Battle), LOSS (0-2) (battled on 5/10/09)
Cookies (Standard OU Battle), WIN (3-0) (battled on 5/7/09)
Royal Pichu (Standard OU Battle), WIN (6-0) (battled on 5/6/09)
T r i p l e x (Standard OU Battle), WIN (5-0) (battled on 5/5/09)
MikeyTheYoshi (Standard OU Battle), WIN (2-0) (battled on 5/4/09)
Skippy the Great (Standard OU Battle), WIN (1-0) (battled on 5/4/09)
FreakinLaserbeam (Standard OU Battle), LOSS (0-1) (battled on 5/3/09)
Royal Pichu (The Laughing Man’s Society for Scrupulous Individuals Tryout Battle), WIN (4-0) (battled on 5/3/09)


Diamond / Pearl Record:
Wins: 129 / Losses: 36 / Draws: 0

Recent Diamond / Pearl Battles:
AeRoSTaTiC (standard battle), WIN (3-0) (battled on 1/10-09)
Niro (standard battle), WIN (3-0) (battled on 1/10-09)
joangaes (Team Aqua war battle), WIN (3-0) (battled on 1/10-09)


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