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Default Re: ||Caterpie Crusade!|| [will finish]

I entered the Viridian Forest, shivering slightly at its eeriness. It was quite dark, shadowed by the numerous huge oak and pine trees that seemed to line up as a maze. I sighed. Bugs or forests really weren’t my thing. However, I sucked it up and began to head through the paths. I just wanted to make it out of this foreboding forest as quickly as possible. Kallia trotted by my side as I skillfully wound through the trees, quickly darting past the numerous Bug Catchers. I made sure that even if they saw me, I averted their eyes. I truly wasn’t in the mood for a battle, at least not yet. Unfortunately enough, a tiny pipsqueak of a kid stomped up to her, a net held in on hand and slung over his shoulder. A wide-brimmed hat rested upon his head.

“Hey, I saw you! You’re gonna battle me now, and you are gonna lose!”

I rolled my eyes at his over confidence and replied with a terse, “Fine.”

“Heh, a one on one battle since I, y’know, don’t have more than one Pokémon.”

“Alright, let’s do this,” I replied with a smug smile, stepping back so we could ready ourselves to battle.

“One..” I began.

“Two..” he continued.

“THREE!” we both shouted at the same time. At that very moment, I tossed a red-and-white spherical object into the air and my six-tailed fox appeared from a shining red light. Kallia stood in a crouched position, tails fluffed out and waving in the air.

“Vuuuuuuul!” yipped Kallia, apparently her battle cry.

As soon as the young Bug Catcher tossed his Pokeball out of his bug net, I whipped out my shining blue Pokédex, ready to scan his Pokémon for its data. A very tiny green caterpillar with some sort of red antennae upon its head between its eyes appeared upon the ground, squirming back and forth in anticipation. It gave an odd-sounding cry, though it didn't sound anything like its name. I scanned it in the Dex and a computerized female voice stated, “Caterpie, the caterpillar Pokémon. It is the pre-evolved form of Metapod. It releases a stench from its red antenna to repel enemies. It grows by molting repeatedly.”

“Quick, Caterpie, String Shot!”

This happened before I even had a chance to react. A string of white, nearly silk-like, material shot from its rounded mouth and straight at my attempting to flee Vulpix, whose left hind leg got tangled in the substance.

“Quick Attack!”

I should have known better.. Quick Attack wouldn't nearly have enough speed to strike first due to the String Shot that my fox was feebly attempting to free her leg from. She did perform Quick Attack, though it really was slow for the stickiness of the string made her foot stick to the ground slightly as she dashed towards the caterpillar. She finally hit him with her forepaws and head, though it wasn’t really strong.

“Great job, Caterpie! Tackle it!”

I shook my head, knowing that Vulpix, whom was regaining her speed, would not allow this. The substance finally fell from her leg and she gave a triumphant yip. Even without my command, she dodged the Tackle with ease. Now, she was in the perfect position for an attack..


Kallia crouched down low, tails in the air once more, and shot a steady stream of fire from her mouth to the confused looking Caterpie. The blaze hit the caterpillar who shrieked, looking charred and laying on the ground twitching, fainted, after the fire had ceased. I knew that was all that needed to be done.. Fire-type attacks did twice as much damage to bugs.

“Vul, vulpix!” came Kallia’s excited cheer and she happily dashed towards me, putting her forepaws against my knees and licking my hand. The youth returned his fainted bug with a look of disdain upon his face.

“Had I known you had a Fire-typed Pokémon, I never would have challenged you..” he grumbled miserably as he walked past me. I shrugged at this remarked and picked up my fire fox, holding in my arms like a baby and stroking her belly as she loved.

“You did awesomely, Kallia!”


I was almost out of the forest, thankfully enough. However, I was stopped in my tracks by a rather angry looking Pikachu. It growled slightly, its cheeks sparking and I looked at it amusedly. Obviously it wanted to battle by the way it kept sparking and such.. I set Kallia upon the forest floor and stepped back, and I would give the electric mouse exactly what it wanted: a battle. However, first, I whipped out my Pokédex, pointing it towards the Pikachu and waiting for the data to register.

“Pikachu, the electric mouse Pokémon. It is the evolved form of Pichu. It evolves into Raichu. Pikachu live in forests with others. They stores electricity in the pouches on its cheeks. If they lose crackling power from the electric pouches on their cheeks, they are being wary.”

“PIKAA!” the wild Pokémon yelled, determination shining in its eyes. Kallia got into her battle stance, growled, and readied herself as well. The two stood a fair distance away from each other, determination crackling between their eyes like lightning.

“Now, quick, Ember!” I called to my fox, my voice strong.

With a nod, Kallia obeyed, opening her mouth to send a stream of flames shooting at the yellow mouse. To retaliate, Pikachu shot a Thundershock towards my fire-breathing fox. Both of the attacks collided with a huge BOOM! Huge clouds of smoke erupted through the area, making me cough and choke, closing my eyes tightly. When the dust settled and the smoke was gone, I saw the two Pokémon, both still standing, though both looking weak. They panted and wheezed, having dirt all over their fur from being knocked aside by the force of their attacks. Wow, this was definitely a strong Pikachu.

“Will-o-wisp!” I cried, knowing that this would really help deplete the Pokémon’s health if the battle continued for quite some time.

Kallia shot out a nearly transparent white ring which quavered through the air, hitting a confused at what was happening Pikachu head on. It shuddered as it felt as if it had been hit with a full-blown fire attack, though really it hadn’t. However, it left burn marks all over the yellow fur of the mouse. Pikachu squirmed as the burn caused pain to its entire body. I smiled, though I felt a slight pity for it. Suddenly, the Pikachu seemed to multiply to about thirty of itself, surrounding Kallia in a circle. She looked around, utterly confused.

“Pika!” all of the copies growled at the same time. They all began to run towards Kallia swiftly, using Quick Attack. However, before they hit my baffled Vulpix, the copies disappeared until only the real one was left. Kallia groaned as she slid across the forest floor.

“Get up!” I screeched. “Come on, Kallia, you can’t give up!”

A bit reluctantly, my weary, beat up fox struggled to her feet. Pikachu cringed once more at the stinging from the burns setting in. He began to wobble, dizzy from the pain. He seemed like he was going to topple over..

“Quick Attack for your final blow! Just don't make it faint!” I called, crossing my fingers.

With a nod of determination, Kallia sped towards the Pikachu and hit it once more. While it was in its dazed state, I pulled out my Pokéball and tossed it with such grace and precision that it looked like I had done it a thousand times before.. It disappeared into the Pokéball in a red light and I crossed my fingers. Both myself and my Pokémon waited in extreme anticipation.

Wiggle.. wiggle.. wiggle..


Author’s Note: Wow.. I thought it was by word count.. not character count.. *_* I thought this fell within the Easiest Category. xD Wow. -searches for a new Pokemon to try to capture-

EDIT: Changed to Pikachu. ^_^

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