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Default Re: ||Pikachu Patrol!|| [Chapter 1]

Nidorina Night Out!
Word Count:

It was a dark night. I lay in my sky blue sleeping bag, feeling the almost comforting warmth of the humidity against my face. My eyes were set upwards to the sky, the stars brilliant twinkles contrasting with the hues of dark blue that spread throughout the universe. A glimmer of light caught my eye, and I watched as a beautiful shooting star trailed across the night. With a smile, I made my wish..

I wish that my Pokémon grow to be strong and powerful..

The star disappeared almost as soon as it had arrived. It had seemingly comforted me, and now I felt extremely lonely. I propped myself up on one arm and dug through my bag with the other, finding the proper Pokéball and releasing my cuddly little Vulpix. I would release my newly captured Pikachu, whom I had dubbed Rei, but I wasn’t quite sure how he would react. I would wait until morning to begin bonding with my new electric mouse.

“Come here, Kallia,” I cooed. The little fox crawled into my sleeping bag, poking her head out and nuzzling her nose into my cheek. I smiled, holding her tiny body in my arms. “Good night, my little fox..”

She had fallen asleep before I did, but soon after I found myself drifting off...

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