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Default Neo Pikachu's Member Trivia!

This is a trivia using the members of this forum. The questions are in quote format (Pretend the member you're trying to guess is the one saying the quote). The questions can be about anyone... even YOU! And yes, you can answers the questions about yourself. And don't expect any of the questions to be about me, that would be too easy.

3 pts "Up for a tough match? I'm the leader of the Olivine City Gym in the Pokemon Ultra RPG!"

2 pts "Want to know where you can find me? I'm 'In a gumball machine. Drop that quarter!'"

3 pts "I'm quickly learning C++ and I even made my own reffing program for the Pokemon Ultra RPG, and I'm not even a ref!"

4 pts "Better beware, I'm Medal of Honor's 'Master Sniper!'"