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Originally Posted by Ace123456789 View Post
Spiritomb w/ Leftovers
252 HP/144 Atk/112 SpDef

Sucker Punch / Pursuit
Pain Split

Taunt the CM attempts, and if he thinks he can actually stay in and beat you, Sucker Punch it. If it tries to escape, Pursuit it.

EDIT: And a better counter for Weezing would be Heatran. Honestly, it resists two of his moves which would be going after Sceptile and it could easily OHKO with Overheat.

Well, this set's pretty dumb but..

Guts Max HP and Attack
Swords Dance
Stone Edge
Night Slash

Taunt blocks your Taunt whilst Guts takes Wow. SD while Pursuit/Sucker Punch does little or no damage.
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Just buy 20 super potions and 99 timer balls and you will catch it
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