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Default Re: Eh, the cards >.>

Yes, Resistances were for the most part, immunities, but IMO it makes more since the way they've got it now... Grass actually is resistant to Water, now the card actually reflects that...

I agree with you about the Pokémon-ex though, they never needed to be made... They do add to the game, but they're too powerful, they almost make it so you have to play them to win. We're in the era of the 1HKO, there are so many cards that can KO just about any non-ex card in one shot, and this encourages people to play exs even more.

But it will be quite a while until the ex cards are rotated out of modified, and that's assuming TPC stops making exs after the upcoming Fire Red/Leaf Green Set, which they probably won't...

I gotta disagree that the cards are "stupid" though. They take some getting used to, but the metagame and format are completely different now. You just have to realize the advantages and disadvantages of using exs, the game is still very strategic, just the broken/cheap/overpowered boundaries have changed.
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