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Default Re: My art :p Mostly manga, some other too

Originally Posted by Tsurara
I am glad you appriciate my comments. As with others, they just ignore, or they complain I'm being mean, when I am trying to help them improve. I would suggest the how to draw manga books. There is a body and antaomy one. REAL anatomy books are a little tough, even for me. Something that's worse than working on bodies and breasts is...foreshortening...its truly sucks and I can't seem to make it work. I hate it! I....HATE IT! >_<
I actually have a book for manga and anime. But it doesn't help a lot =S Maybe I should draw a little more people from those pics in it yes... But sometimes, the bodies are REALLY exagerated, like those "beautiful supermanga women", the head is supposed to be 1/12 of the whole body. But no thanks for me, it's just way to much

Originally Posted by Ice Demon
I reconize the eyes and the goblin from the Manga Mania and Anime Mania... i think the other stuff is really good.
Well, I did draw them from a book ;p Christopher Hart, forgot the name of the book. (It was translated into dutch, dutch title = Japans Striptekenen).
So... I shouldn't know if they come from manga mania oO
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