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Default Re: GameShark/Action Replay Codes

I spent an entire week looking for GameShark/AR and in this tiny annoying town they were all sold out. I was then forced to buy this thing in Best Buy:

It has a list of several games with either "Main" or "Pkmn" options. I have FR, but I don't know which version I have (1 or 2). Anyone knows how can I find out?

If I choose "Fire R(US) v1Pkm," I get these options:

Encounter Main Code

etc...Up to Chimecho.

I am an old person. I have been playing Pokemon since it first came out. It is awkward to ask kids to trade, so I am resorting to this. I was looking for a user guide but I haven't been able to find one. Anyone knows how to use this? Your help is greatly appreciated :)
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