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Default Re: ~An Adventure of a Lifetime!~

Chapter 2

Kevin decided to leave Totodile out of its pokeball for awhile as it had loads of energy.
They headed east from New Bark Town to enter the beautiful forest surroundings of
Route 29.
The sun was now beaming brightly at the pair as they traveled to Cherrygrove City, on the
look out for pokemon to catch. Kevin touched one of the empty pokeballs at his belt. Time to
fill one, he thought.

And then Kevin saw it.

On top of a grassy knoll, not too far away, was a little brown and white bird, digging for
worms in the soft turf. It scratched at the grass and soil with sharp taloned feet.

"Alright!" said Kevin. "A pokemon!" Kevin got out his new pokedex.

<Pidgey> <Tiny Bird Pokemon>

<Pidgey is a common sight in forests and woods. Gentle by nature they kick up blinding
sand at their enemy to avoid a fight. Capturing a pidgey is a good test of a beginning
trainers battle techniques>

"Do you think you can beat it Totodile?" asked Kevin to his pokemon.

Totodile quacked in affirmation.

The pair ran up to the Pidgey and it turned to face them. It tilted its head, sizing them up.

"Go Totodile!" yelled Kevin. "Use your tackle attack!"

Totodile ran towards Pidgey at high speed, catching it off guard, and knocked it to the

The pidgey jumped up and blasted sand into Totodiles face with a flap of its wings. It
then flew up into the sky, circling around Totodile.

"Get that bird out of the air with a bubble attack!" instructed Kevin.

Totodile leapt into the air and shot 5 shiny bubbles at the Pidgey. The bird pokemon
dodged the first 2 but was hit by the other 3, causing it to crash to the ground.

"OK! Pokeball Go!" yelled Kevin hurling it at the dazed pidgey. The pokeball struck the
wounded pokemon, opened and the pokemon transformed into a brilliant red light, that
was sucked into the pokeball. It snapped shut. The ball fell to the ground and it rocked
from side to side. Kevin waited anxiously for the ball to lock...


"Yes! We did it!" yelled Kevin happily. He ran over, picked up the pokeball and clipped
it on his belt.

"Okay Totodile, you deserve a rest, return" said Kevin and a red beam returned Totodile to
its pokeball.

Kevin couldnít believe it. He had already caught his first pokemon!

He strolled leisurely in the dappled light of the forest until lunchtime where he let out his
pokemon under the shade of a great, big, berry tree. He reached up and picked some of
the dark red berries for himself and his pokemon.

"These are good" he said with a mouth full of the berries. "Here try some!"

He threw some into Totodile's gaping jaws, who chomped them down grinning. Pidgey
flew up onto his shoulder and Kevin gave it a berry to nibble. Pidgey, still a bit worn out
from being captured, seemed to regain its health. Pidgey chirped happily.

He returned his pokemon and started off again.

Kevin walked the rest of the day without coming across another pokemon. As the sun was
setting on the western horizon, he stopped, unrolled his black sleeping bag, climbed in
and fell asleep instantly.

He awoke the next morning bright and early and continued on his way to Cherrygrove
City. He hoped to arrive there today. After a few hours of traveling, he could see the
small city in the distance.

"Hey you there!" yelled a voice.

Kevin whirled around to see where the voice had come from. A boy, a bit younger than
himself with black hair, blue pants and a yellow T-shirt, was pointing at him.

"Yeah what?" replied Kevin.

"Are you the son of Lance?.... The Dragon Trainer?" asked the boy excitedly.

"Unfortunately" thought Kevin to himself. All his life he had been known by the whole
world because of his dad . He was always in his dadís shadow no matter what he did. He
had won the Johto Martial Arts Championship, but it had seemed hopeless that he would
be known for anything he himself had done. Thatís why he had become a pokemon
trainer, to beat his dad at his own game and become number one. But for now at least he
would be called 'the son of the Dragon Trainer' and there was nothing he could do about
it. He loved his dad very much, but he hardly ever got to see him. He didn't like being
linked to someone he barely knew. One day he'd be known for what he had done, not what
his father had done.

"Yeah why?" said Kevin a little bitterly.

"I challenge you to a pokemon battle!" said the boy confidently.

"Youíre on!" replied Kevin. "Pidgey go!"

Kevin threw the pokeball out onto the grass and out came pidgey.

"Go Spinarak!" yelled the trainer as he hurled the pokeball onto the field. It burst open
and out came a little green bug.

"Pidgey, use your gust attack!" ordered Kevin.

Pidgey started flapping its wings, creating a mini tornado. The little spinarak tried to
stand its ground but was blown backwards by the rushing winds.

"Come on Spinarak, use a poison sting!" ordered the boy. Spinarak got to its feet and shot
out a volley of poison barbs.

"Dodge them Pidgey" called Kevin. Pidgey swooped away, narrowly avoiding the attack. "Now use
a quick attack!" Pidgey dived at the insect type, its beak punching into the green carapace. Spinarak
was sent reeling.

"Hang in there Spinarak!" said the boy. "Use your Stringshot!"

Spinarak got to its feet and spat out a line of web towards Pidgey. The web wrapped itself
around Pidgeys wings, tying them to its body. Pidgy fell to the ground and got up on its
taloned feet. Pidgey tried to spread its wings but the sticky coating kept them firm to its body.
It couldnít fly now because of its entangled wings.

"You can do it Pidgey!" encouraged Kevin. "Give it a peck attack!"

Pidgey sprinted over to the Spinarak and pecked it 3 times on the head. Spinarak fainted.

"You did your best Spinarak, return" said the trainer, returning Spinarak into it's pokeball.
"Lets see if you can handle this, son of the dragon trainer!"

"Donít call me that! Pidgey Return!" shot back Kevin, recalling Pidgey with the red laser.

"Go Sandshrew!" yelled the boy.

"Go Totodile!" yelled Kevin.

The two pokeballs flew onto the field and opened revealing the pokemon.

"Use bubble Totodile?" said Kevin. Totodile shot out a rapid burst of white bubbles. Sandshrew
leapt aside, avoiding the water-based attack.

"Sandshrew, use your scratch attack!" instructed the trainer.

Sandshrew darted over to Totodile scratching it on the face.

"Totodile, use your rage attack and then use scratch!" ordered Kevin.

Totodile started to glow an angry red and its eyes were aglow with fury. All of a
sudden, Totodile, full of fury, started slashing at Sandshrew again and again and again.

"Get out of there Sandshrew!" yelled the trainer. "Use rollout!"

Sandshrew jumped into the air tucked into a ball and rolled straight at Totodile, knocking
the croc over. It then started circling around Totodile.

"Totodile, use water gun!" yelled Kevin.

Totodile opened its gaping jaws and blasted a streaming jet of water at Sandshrew. The
attack hit head on. The sandshrew was defeated.

"Sandshrew return!" said the amazed trainer. "Wow, youíre awesome!"

"Thanks" said Kevin, "Totodile return, awesome work!"

"What did you say your name was?" asked the boy.

"Kevin" said our hero smiling, "Kevin Sun."

The trainer gave him a thumbs up and an admiration filled smile. He turned and walked away.

"Cya around!" called Kevin as he began walking again. Half an hour later he arrived in
Cherrygrove City.
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