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Default Re: ~An Adventure of a Lifetime!~

Chapter 3

The city of Cherrygrove had a certain tranquility about it. The peaceful home of many
with a crystal clear river running through the center of town. Kevin could see a wooden
bridge up ahead and on the other side was the city itself. Kevin stepped onto the bridge
and the sound of slow moving water could be heard below him. His feet thudded on the
wood. As Kevin was crossing, he heard a splash down below. He peered over the railing
and saw a funny blue pokemon, smiling up at him. Kevin got out his pokedex:

<Quagsire><The Waterfish Pokemon>

<This carefree pokemon is one of a kind as it is a water and ground type pokemon. It is
said that it adores round objects>

"Cool! I’m gonna catch it" said Kevin and grabbed a pokeball from his belt. "Totodile

Totodile leapt from the pokeball and dived into the river with a splash. The croc
resurfaced shaking water from its head.

“Totodile use scratch attack!” Totodile swam up and scratched the Quagsire across the
face. Quagsire winced then used a double slap attack, knocking Totodile under the water.

“Totodile, use Bubble!” called Kevin. Totodile resurfaced with a small explosion of
water. White bubbles shot out from Totodiles mouth and burst on impact as they struck
the Quagsire. The Quagsire was too dazed to fight back. Kevin grabbed a pokeball from
his belt and pressed the button to enlarge it. It was ready to go

“Alright! Pokeball Go!” yelled Kevin as he threw the pokeball at Quagsire. All of a
sudden, in mid flight, the pokeball was blasted out of the air by a jet of water! The
Quagsire poked out its long tongue used the distraction to dive under water and swim out
of sight.

“What the...” said Kevin and turned to see where the watergun had come from. There on
the bank was a Squirtle looking quite pleased with itself. Its little paws were on its waist
and it was smiling confidently. Next to the little turtle pokemon was a boy. He was
wearing dark blue 3/4 pants, a lime green shirt with a dark blue vest over the top, and a
pale blue belt. His long spiky hair was the colour of the sky and his eyes were a deep
ocean blue. His well muscled body and posture gave him the look of a fighter.

“Who are you?” asked Kevin in an agitated voice. “And why did you stop me catching
that Quagsire?”

“My names Storm” said the boy. “And what you were doing is against the law!”

“What is?” asked Kevin.

“You are not allowed to catch Quagsire in the Blue Moon River” explained Storm.

“Why not?” asked Kevin.

“This is a protected zone, no one is allowed to touch the Quagsire.”

“Oh sorry. I didn’t know” apologized Kevin, feeling stupid.

“That’s ok!” said Storm. “My Grandpa says all the new trainers that come from New
Bark Town do it. Hey! Lucky I stopped you or you would have been in for a hefty fine-
...hang on.... aren’t you the son of the Dragon Trainer?”

“My name is Kevin!” he said defiantly. “And yes, I am”

“Don’t you remember me?” said Storm with a smile on his face. “We versed each other in
the martial arts final. You snapped me!”

“Storm?”said Kevin remembering. “Oh yeah... I didn’t recognize out of your karate gear.
Anyway, I didn’t snap you, it was a tough match. It was pretty close at the end!”

“Whatever!” said Storm embarrassed. “Hey, why don’t I show you around!”

“OK” said Kevin. “Totodile return!”

They walked around through the quiet streets for awhile talking.

“Well it seems we both like pokemon!” said Kevin. “Why did you become a pokemon

“Well after the arse kicking you gave me!” he said laughing. “I decided to try my luck at
pokemon. I’ve always liked pokemon so it seemed like a good thing to do. How about

“To make a name for myself” replied Kevin. “My whole life I’ve been called ‘The Son of
the Dragon Trainer’ and it’s really starting to get on my nerves! I’ve done nothing for the
fame I have, so I decided I’d earn it.”

“That’s cool” remarked Storm. “Well here’s the Pokemon Center!”

They had arrived at a great big building. This would be Kevin’s first time in a pokemon
center but he knew this was the place that healed your pokemon, free of charge! The glass
doors slid open and they entered into the freshness of the air conditioned building. They
walked up to the counter and behind it stood a really good looking chick.. She looked to
be about 15 or 16, had bright pink hair and she was hot as. The way her hips swayed in
the little nurses outfit she wore was hypnotic.

“Hi Storm!” she said smiling. “How are you today?”

“I’m fine” said Storm.

“That’s great!” she said warmly. “And who is this?” she said looking Kevin up and down.
A glint in her eye and Kevin realised she recognised him.

“This is my buddy Kevin Sun. You know, the son of the Lance?” said Storm.

Kevin smiled at her. “So whats your name sweetie?”

“My names Nurse Joy” she said smiling, biting her lip nervously.

“A beautiful name, for a beautiful girl” he said winking.

“Thank you ” she said blushing, “ummm... would you like me to heal your pokemon?”
she said.

“If it’s not too much trouble” said Kevin. The song sexual healing seemed to be playing
in his head. Nurse Joy was on his lap and his hands were around her tiny waist. “Ohh
baby I’m hot just like an oven, I need some lovin’...” he sang outloud.

Nurse Joy and Storm just stared at him confused.

“Kevin?” said Storm shaking him. Kevin seemed to snap out of it. He sweatdropped and
unclipped Totodile’s and Pidgey’s pokeballs from his belt and put them on the counter.
Storm grabbed two pokeballs from his belt and did the same.

“I’ll be finished treating them in an hour” said the sexy nurse.

“Ok cya later babe!” said Kevin and he and Storm took a seat at a table not too far away
and ordered lunch that was served up by a fat pink Chansey.

“Smooth moves Kevin!” said Storm grinning. He looked at Kevin quizically. “But what
was with that singing? You kinda killed the moment”

“I was just thinking out loud I guess” said Kevin laughing.

“Anyway, I think she likes you” said Storm.

“Of course she does!” said Kevin smiling. “With this buff bod of mine no woman can
resist!” He flexed his muscles and they strained against the orange muscleshirt he wore.

“Hey man!” said Storm. “I gave you that body when I fought you, don’t forget that!”

After lunch, Nurse Joy arrived and gave them their pokemon back. After Kevin flashed
one more perfect smile, and Nurse Joy blushed once more the pair left the pokemon

Storm invited Kevin to spend the night at his house with his Grandparents so Kevin
agreed. The next morning they walked to the edge of the city.

“Hey Storm!” said Kevin. “I challenge you to a pokemon battle!”

“Challenge accepted” said Storm grinning evilly. “I’ll beat you this time!”

“We’ll see about that, Pidgey Go!” said Kevin tossing the pokeball onto the field.

“Go Rattata!” yelled Storm. He tossed the pokeball and it burst open, revealing a little
purple rat, with sharp teeth.

“Pidgey use your quick attack!” ordered Kevin.

“You too Rattata!” yelled Storm.

Pidgey swooped and dived at the rattata, who was ducking, dodging, running, trying to
get a piece of the Pidgey.

They broke apart, both wounded, but still able to fight.

“Pidgey use your gust attack!” yelled Kevin.

“Rattata use Hyper Fang!” instructed Storm.

Pidgey flapped its wings blowing Rattata onto its back and into the dirt. Rattata got up,
shook it’s head and leapt up at the Pidgey giving it a hyper fang around its middle. Pidgey
desperately shook it off and rattata fell to the ground.

“Pidgey, use a sand attack!” called Kevin. Pidgey flapped its wings blowing sand into
Rattata’s eyes. Rattata pawed at it’s eyes, trying to regain its vision.

“Come on Rattata!” encouraged Storm.

“Finish it off Pidgey” said Kevin. Pidgey swooped down at Rattata who at the last secong
jumped away and quickly attacking with another Hyperfang! Pidgey was down and out.

“Pidgey Return!” said Kevin, a bit disappointed but still confident.

“Looks like I win the first round! Rattata Return!” said Storm laughing.

“Alright Totodile Go!” yelled Kevin throwing the pokeball.

“Squirtle Go!” yelled Storm, sending out his squirtle.



“Water Gun attack!” they yelled at the same time.

The two water pokemon both shot out streaming jets of water that hit each other in the
middle of the field, water splashing everywhere. They were both equal strength.

“Squirtle use Skull Bash!” yelled Storm.

Squirtle lowered its head and dived at Totodile.

“Totodile jump!” yelled Kevin.

Totodile leapt out of the way just in time.

“Now use Bite!” ordered Kevin.

Totodile ran over and bit Squirtle on the arm where it isn’t protected by hard shell.
Squirtle cried out and then used a tackle knocking Totodile onto it’s back.

“Now Squirtle use a tailwhip!” ordered Storm. Squirtle spun and slapped Totodile in the
face with its tail.

“Don’t take that Totodile!” yelled Kevin. “Watergun!”

With Squirtle’s back to Totodile it was knocked facedown into the ground by the sudden
shot of water from Totodile. Squirtle struggled to get up but it was too much. Totodile
had won!

“Great job Totodile!” yelled Kevin happily and went over and hugged his little blue

“Squirtle return!” said Storm and the red beam returned Squirtle to its pokeball.

“Looks like its a draw!” said Kevin happily.

“I guess so!” said Storm smiling and they shook hands.

“Storm do you want to travel with me? We’d be an awesome team.” asked Kevin.

“It’s a nice thought” said Storm. “ but I think we should go separate ways. If we were
traveling companions I think we would get in each others way.”

“Fair enough” said Kevin. “Well it looks like we are rivals again!”

“I’ll see ya ‘round. I’m off to get the Zephyr Badge in Violet City.” said Storm and he
walked into the forest.

Kevin, thinking this was a good idea, left Cherrygrove City and headed north onto the
wooded surroundings of route 30 to get his first badge at the Violet City Gym.
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