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Default READ FIRST: Forum Guide and Rules

Forum Guide
This guide will teach all the basics here, how everything works and everything else you should know. You may or may not have any experience with forums, even if you do, you might not be familiar with vBulletin type forums. Either way, this guide should be helpful.

Table of Contents
Post #1: Rules, Signing Up, Logging In
Post #2: How to Start Posting
Post #3: Positions/Ranks
Post #4: Private Messages, User CP, Avatar, Profile Picture, Signature
Post #5: vB Codes

Post #1: Rules, Signing Up

Signing Up:
To sign up, click Register. Just enter the username you want and your e-mail (make sure you carefully type your e-mail, in case you lose your password, that's where the password will be sent).

A confirmation e-mail will be sent to you, in which you confirm your sign-up account. Once you do that, you will have access as a member of the forum.

Logging In/Out:
In the top right corner, simply type in your account name and password, then hit the Log In button. You will remain logged in as long as you remain active. If idle for 20+ minutes, the forum will automatically log you out. To remain logged in, checkmark the Remember me? box when you sign in. To sign out, simply click the Log Out button.

You are responsible for your account, so keep it safe.

1. Use Sentences (Capitalizations & Periods).
2. No Inappropriate Behavior/Junk Posts (spam).
3. Respect other members and their opinions.
Note: Inappropriate behavior and junk posts may lead to ban. I have little patience for this kind of behavior.
4. No double posting (making multiple posts in a row). Just edit the first post with the new information. Exceptions are fan fics and art galleries.
5. No illegal material allowed (Roms, Emulators, copyrighted materials, etc.)
6. This is a Pokemon forum for all ages, make your posts reflect that.
7. No reviving old threads. Ask a Moderator first before posting in an old thread.

You can only reply to threads that have had a recent reply in the past 90 days (3 months) OR threads that are on the first 2 pages of a board.
So for example, if a thread was created on January 1, 2006, and the last reply on the thread was made on February 25, 2006... then if a person replies again on April 20, 2006, that is NOT considered reviving an old thread, because you still have 90 days to respond to the last post of a thread.

The first two pages of the board can also be replied to, regardless of their last post date. This is to avoid duplicate topics when the topic the person wants to talk about is already on the first two pages. In this situation, the 90 day rule does not apply if the thread can be found in the first two pages of the board. If the thread is beyond the first two pages, you apply the 90 day rule above.

Exceptions to reviving old threads are the Fan Fiction and Art boards (since authors and artists works are continual, and might take a long time off before adding additional content to their work, and the authors and artists can revive their own thread to add additional content). And the Game Projects board, since game creators might take a lot of time before adding/updating new stuff for their game. So these boards do not have a old thread revival rule, but can only be revived by the person that created it for the reasons stated. Any thread creator may also revive their own thread, within good reason.

The 4 word Rule:
Posts need to have at least 4 words. If they are less, the post may be deleted and a Warning/Infraction given. Adding 'filler' words is spam.

You may only advertise other websites and forums in your signature or in this thread: Website/Forum Advertising.

Breaking these rules may result in Warnings, Infractions, Temporary Bans, and Perminant Bans.

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