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Default Dragon's Wrath [PG-10]

This story is about a kid named Lucifer who wins a contest and gets a pet dragon. He deals with close-death, and is saved by the dragon, but has to follow the dragon's orders or Lucifer would be killed!

Chapter the First:
The Chapter of Relief and Possible Death

The shining moon created rays of light which shined down on Lucifer Hartley’s window. It was a breezy October night and Lucifer was cuddled up in a ball, like usual, reading a book. Dragons and Where to Find Them was the book’s title. Lucifer was a believer of mystical creatures, like Dragons and Goblins. Marina, his cat, leaped and scratched Lucifer’s sofa like a tiger in the wild. Lucifer was just finishing the book, but screamed. He had just noticed that the final pages of the book had been scribbled off.

“Mom!” Lucifer jogged down the stairs, trying not to fall. “Tommy scribbled my book!” Tommy was Lucifer’s baby brother, with a lot of hair for a baby and a habit of scribbling. Tommy was already walking and talking at six months and had the brain of a three year old, just like Lucifer was when he was a little child.

And as usual, Lucifer’s mother did nothing but say “Stop”. Tommy didn’t reply. He was too busy drawing on his mother’s notepad.

The next day, when the sun seemed like it jumped up, Lucifer was already brushing his teeth. He wanted to go to the bookstore to get another copy of the book he was reading, which was what his mother promised him. Lucifer was relieved when there were about thirty copies left, and they were on sale for half price. But Lucifer immediately became furious, because when he opened the book, he noticed that he won something. It was a contest, and usually you would be happy to see that you won a contest, but it was a bad thing. A dragon broke through the window and everyone screamed in shock and misery. Lucifer ran like a jackrabbit outside. He didn’t want anyone to see him cry.

Lucifer held his knees in tight. My mother is probably dead now and it’s my entire fault for buying the dumb book! He said to himself.

Lucifer was relieved once again when his survived mother opened the door and ran to her car. Lucifer jumped up in her process and hugged her as tight as tight can be! Then he thought about Tommy. A tear rocked down his cheek slowly, and he asked his mother where was Tommy.

“Cool down, Lucifer! Tommy was in the car the whole time,” she said calmly. She opened the door to her car quick, but then she started shivering. Lucifer screamed like a hyena and fell. Police and Ambulance’s sirens roared in the distance. Tommy lay on the driver’s seat, and he had driven a distance and crashed into the car above, and there was blood everywhere. Tommy could have been killed.

Lucifer knew that something completely horrible would happen. He punched his knees and whined the whole ride to the hospital. He was so mad at himself. He hated himself. He felt like jumping out of the window.

In fact, that was what he did. He opened the door and nearly broke his legs while his feet were being dragged on the road. His mother only noticed when Lucifer was cooing in pain. She screamed a curse out loud and tried to pull poor Lucifer back in the car, but she failed. Lucifer jumped out after three minutes of pure pain. He scattered to the grass. Lucifer’s eyes were completely full of tears. Then he screamed out loud as loud as he could. A car had driven over his shirt and he was being dragged by the car on the shirt at what seemed as the speed of light. Lucifer pulled at his shirt, and felt bleeding on his hand. He put his hand under his head so his head wouldn’t zip off really quick. Finally the ambulance stopped the car dragging him and took Lucifer to the hospital, where his family-including Tommy- helped him heal.

You’re lucky to be alive said a voice that sound beastly and powerful. It seemed to be coming from Lucifer’s head.

“Who’s that?” Lucifer said in his head, knowing that the Who would hear him.

I am your pet dragon, fool. You abandoned me, so I will give revenge! The so called dragon said.

Lucifer winced. He had to admit, he felt bad for the dragon. Maybe I can take care of him, until he gets older, which should be about a year, according to the book I read he said to himself, and forgot that the dragon would hear him.
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