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Default Re: What is your FireRed/LeafGreen team?

Originally Posted by Pikachu_Two_Trainer View Post
You get manitine in lg, while surf near the caves with unknowns
I found him :).

Currently re-doing my team with no starters. My planned team for competitive battling is:
Lv60 Magmar (Currently an Egg)

Lv60 Dewgong (Currently a Lv5 Seel)
-Ice Beam

Lv60 Exeggutor (Currently an Egg)
-Sunny Day
-Solar Beam
-Stun Spore

Lv60 Tyranitar (Currently a Lv38 Larvitar, and I'm keeping it un-evolved until it learns Earthquake)
-Rock Slide

Lv60 Raichu (Currently a Lv3 Pikachu)

Lv60 Machamp (Currently a Lv47 Machop, keeping it un-evolved until it learns Dynamic Punch)
-Dynamic Punch
-Cross Chop
-Flamethrower (TM)
-Rock Slide (Egg Move)

I might consider switching Machamp with my current Espeon or Jolteon, and Dewgong with Mantine.

Also on a previous file of mine, I got obsessed with having Pokemon that looked like Dragons so I had:
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