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Default Re: DG's reffing book

Free For All
Multi-hit moves hit one target Pokemon
No sleep moves allowed, except rest
No hold items

Kitty-Chan with Ninetales
Volcan with Armaldo
Sigma with Shedinja
Killik with Snorlax
DT with Umbreon
TE with Metagross

Metagross exploded first turn, taking Snorlax with him. Ninetales took down Armaldo with two nasty plot flamethrower with little help from digging Shedinja, Umbreon shadow balled Shedinja down. It came down to Ninetales and Umbreon. One double team helped Umbreon avoiding Ninetales attacks. And screech + faint attack did the job.

Te get 1000$
Killik get 1000$
volcan get 1000$
Sigma get 1500$
Kitty-chan get 2000$
DT get 2500$
I ref, get 3000$
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