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Default Re: Butch and Cassidy - To Trash Hoenn (PG-13)

You bring up a good point. I'll try and make longer paragraphs of action and less dialogue. Though I can't say I'll succeed. xD

Here's Chapter 14, told in the ol' fisherman Mr. Briney's point of view.


Chapter 14: Egbert Briney

I was so full of joy that I couldn’t speak.

Finally, I did. “Good heavens!” I exclaimed. “You youngsters have saved my Peeko! How can I ever reward you?”

“How about a – ” the lad said.

The girl kicked him in the shins. “We’re not stealing from an old man,” she whispered. “That would hurt even MY conscience.”

“It’s okay,” I assured them as I pretended to misunderstand the girl. “I realized we haven’t properly introduced each other yet,” I said. “I’m Egbert Briney.”

“Nice to meet you, Egbert,” said the lad, flashing a thumbs-up. “I’m Butch, and that’s my battle partner Cassidy.” He pointed at the girl.

The puppet Pokemon, hovering close to Cassidy’s head, coughed. “Forgetting someone?”

“Oh, right. This is Shupster.”

I nodded at Shupster in acknowledgement and continued to gush with gratitude. “My word! To think I’ve always believed that Team Rocket was filled with thieving criminals! How dreadfully wrong I’ve been!” The partners grinned, and I gathered Peeko up in his arms, stroking its feathers vigorously. “My dear boy! Did they hurt you? Oh, look at those bruises! We’re gonna get you cleaned up and…”

Shupster coughed. “We?”

I looked at him curiously. “Oh yes, we!”

Shupster looked annoyed for some reason, but hadn’t even begun to protest (and that’s saying a lot) when a Devon employee came running up to them. “Oh thank goodness. Oh, my, freaking, God. You got the goods!” he exulted in relief. “Here, here, give’em to me…”

Shupster coughed. “Our side of the deal.”

The man visibly drooped. “Oh. Right. Yeah.” Cassidy handed half a pocket of stuff to the man, and he grabbed it hastily. “Well, at least we got half.” He paused. “Which reminds me… the boss would be so happy to know we got some of the goods back! He is going to be SO pleased with you guys. You’ve gotta come with me!” he exclaimed, and grabbed hold of Cassidy’s wrist. “Hurry up! We gotta see him!”

“Well in that case,” I said, “I’ll follow you folks.”

An improbable team marched towards the Devon headquarters – an employee, two ex-Rocket members, a talking Pokemon and an old fisherman. Whoever might have seen them on the street must have wondered greatly about what they were up to.

The elevator chugged slowly to the sixth floor where the office of the CEO of Devon was situated. As soon as the elevator door pulled open, the Devon employee burst out and raced towards the office. Other employees turned around to stare at the unruly sight but immediately smiles appeared on their faces as they realized what he must be so hyper about – the Goods were retrieved! Their hunches were confirmed when the running man started screaming, “BOSS!! WE GOT THE GOODS!!!”

The troupe entered the Boss’s office. “This really reminds me of the fateful day we got fired by a pissed Giovanni,” she said happily.

“You seem happy we got fired,” said Butch.

“But it was all for the better, right?” replied Cassidy. “If he hadn’t done it, we’d still be stuck in Team Rocket trying fruitlessly to earn Pokemon deceitfully. But now with a little skill and experience we’re actually earning whole products deceitfully! We’ve gotta thank that Wallace person.”

“So,” said the Boss slowly. “What are you here to tell me? Are you going to beg me not to fire you because you failed to get the goods?”

“No! I pray! No, sir!” declared the Devon employee. “I am in fact going to introduce to you the heroic people who helped take back half of the Devon goods from the wrath of Team Aqua!”

The Boss nodded thoughtfully. “Half. Well, that could be pretty much called a success. Those Goods in total may have been worth five thousand dollars in themselves. Twenty-five thousand is good enough.” He turned to Cassidy. “Why half, though?”

“Well, actually… actually… they…” said the employee, fidgeting.

Cassidy fixed the Devon employee with a steely glare and said, “We couldn’t manage it, sir. Team Aqua had hidden half of the Goods away and we couldn’t find it, as much as we tried.” She nodded solemnly and turned her head to Shupster. “Did you hear that!?” she whispered. “25k of moneh!!” Apparently some secret trade had gone between the employee and the Rockets, but perhaps that’ll be one of those eternal mysteries of mine.

The boss sat thoughtfully for about a few seconds. “Well, I’m not completely pleased, but half is quite a feat. Thank you, and I presume you are training for the Double League?” Shupster nodded. “Ah. So your next destination should be Dewford Town. In that case, I have an errand I need you guys to run. I’ll pay you $20.”

“Done,” said the team unanimously.

I brightened up. I had a running business of taking people to Dewford! And I told them exactly this and that this was the way I was going to repay them.

Suddenly, the elevator door opened to reveal a firm-chested, platinum-blond girl dressed in khaki shorts and a lime-colored tank top, who stepped out on the linoleum with a click of her platform sandals. Quite a looker, I thought. Heads turned and Shupster’s mouth dropped open. “Holy crap,” he muttered. “Check out those puppies, Butch… they’re breaking her shoulders.”

“A-herm,” said the boss, annoyed. “Watch what you say about my daughter.” He paused, again. “This favor I’m asking you is regarding her.” He looked up at his daughter, who was already in the room.

“Daaaaad,” asked the girl , tossing her golden hair away from her neck. “Have you sent out my letter yet?”

“Not yet, Bonnie,” smiled the boss. “These people are going to do it for you.”

Shupster winked. “Anything, babe.” Bonnie winked back.

“Aherm,” said the boss again. “This letter you are sending is nothing professional. It is simply a love letter from Bonnie to her boyfriend training in Dewford…” he sniffed distastefully. “Steven Stone, the CHAMPION,” he finished, rolling his eyes behind his spectacles.

“Steven is a respectable, hard-working and charming guy,” said Bonnie defensively, slotting her hands into her pockets. “And ultra-hot as well,” she added with a playful grin.

“Coming from you, I’ll take your word for it,” replied Shupster.

“Stop flirting, Pokemon,” snapped the boss. He turned back to his daughter. “Mr. Stone is skin-deep, and a narcissist.”

“You,” answered Bonnie, pointing an accusing finger, “just never take the time to even TRY and get to know him. And you’re badmouthing him like you do.”

“Hey, hey, hey, let’s chill out over here,” said Butch. “Give us the letter, we’ll move on and move towards our hundred thousand bucks, and you can have fun with your father-daughter arguing all you want.”

The boss sighed, opened a drawer in his desk, flung one last fierce look at his daughter, and fished out a letter from the scrap-paper-stuffed drawer (I heard the rustles). “I’ll take care of it,” said Cassidy as she put it into a front pocket of her adorable red-and-white bag.

“Thank you again,” the boss said to us as we left his office, ready for a journey on my boat to Dewford! I headed south for my home in Petalburg, and the Rockets followed. We emerged from Ilex Forest, and soon I could see my little beautiful cabin. I heard Shupster ask, “Hey, Egbert. Are we going back to Petalburg?”

“Why yes,” I smiled. “We’re here already. It’s where my home is.”

“Oh, okay,” replied Shupster. “Can you look out for the cops for us?”

And with a laugh, five minutes and a roar of the boat engine, we were headin’ off to old Dewford!
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