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Default Re: DG's reffing book

Paired Free For All
Multi-hit moves hit one target Pokemon
No sleep moves allowed
No Substitute
Explosion hit target and teammate
Random Pairing
No hold items

ETR(Gliscor) & Sigma(Shedinja)
PL(Sceptile) & TE(Garchomp)
Chris(Jolteon) & Ataro(Milotic)

Jolteon used Helping Hand on Milotic, Garchomp OHKO'd with EQ, Milotic revenge-killed with Ice beam. Second turn, Sceptile and Shedinja teamed to kill Milotic, that before dying took Gliscor out. Third turn, came between Sceptile and Shedinja. Whaddya expect?

Chris and Ataro get 1000$
Sigma and ETR get 2000$
TE and Pokelord get 3000$
I ref, get 3500$
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