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Default Re: Winner Crowned in Pokemon Emerald Frontier Battle Brain!

Originally Posted by Neo Pikachu
Amen to that. Even though Mike used Groundon, he didn't completely 00ber his entire team like Chris did.

Meh, I'm sure the battle would have been a heck of a lot different in terms of strategy if no legendaries were allowed...
Well, duh, but we all know Nintendo is stupid and wouldn't disallow the uubers.

Also, I found out Skarm (Mike, as you all know him, I've known him as Skarm for my whole online Pokemon experience) lost because he posted a war-story on Smogon, where he mods.

If it weren't for Air Lock on Rayquaza, Skarm would've won. And I wouldn't be so mad about Skarm losing if the winner wasn't a fatass. No offense to large people, but really, it just SHOWS that the kid doesn't do anything but play the damn game. And even he sucks with the strategy aspect.

I am greatly upset at Skarm's loss, and Nintendo really does need to restrict Pokemon usage. Strategy is a harder skill to master than overpowering.
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