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Default Re: DG's reffing book

Free For All
Multi-hit moves hit one target Pokemon
No sleep moves allowed, except rest
No hold items
Every 2 turns, 80% of chances to a Random Pokemon to change trait(barrying Wonder Guard, Pure Power, Huge Power)

Skullz (Leafeon) - 8
TE (Weavile) - 5
Sigma (Shedinja) - 1
Fenix (Umbreon) - 3
Volcan (EspeonB) - 4
PL (Garchomp) - 7
Jr Trainer (EspeonA) - 2
Killik (Snorlax) - 6
PokeboySarab (Medicham) -9

First turn, they stalled. Medicham missed an High Jump Kick and sealed its fate, the turn after Leafeon killed it. Then Garchomp killed Leafeon, Weavile Killed garchomp, they tagged to get rid of Snorlax, and then proceeded for a few turns with the last 5 opponents. Eventually, EspeonA killed Weavile with HP fighting, and they started stalling like crazy waiting to chose the new trait every 2 turns. Umbreon got unaware, and they ganged on EspeonB. EspeonA then used Swift to get through the +6evasion of Umbreon, and killed it. Then Shedinja won. REALLY!

PokeboySarab get 1000$
Skullz get 1000$
Pokelord get 1000$
Killik get 1500$
Team Evolution get 2000$
Volcan get 2500$
Fenix get 3000$
Jr Trainer get 3500$
Sigma get 4000$
I ref, get 4500$
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