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Default Re: The Takers*It's time to elimate, the Big Dog*

Originally Posted by bigboy View Post
I'm making a plan when the time comes a new thread will come up for takers.
Yeah read this.
Originally Posted by NinjaDuelist View Post
Gentlemen, despite that this isn't officially a clan yet, try not to spam. Pikachu25king, I'm shocked that you're posting in here instead of doing a roll call to make sure all of your members are still in your clan. In fact, you asking to join after your clan is done and over with shows me that you don't have much confidence that your clan will run for much longer. Now, that may not be your intentions, but it looks kinda like it. Just my two cents.

As for you, bigboy...

Like I told grievous is king, instead of recreating The Takers in this thread, it would be better to start a new one. It looks bad to have 80+ pages of old stuff weighing you down, if you know what I mean. Always good to start fresh.

Read the first quote.

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