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Default Re: anyone uses the Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Connector?? HELP

Originally Posted by JPedroza View Post
okok, yea, whatever, this is frekin not the right place to post this
i posted here cause i needed real help
im not acting liek a friken idiot, im not even acting

and lets get something clear, if youre not going to help, dont flame me
even do this is not the right place for this threat
I'm sorry I over reacted, I have had a bad day so I was finding a way to vent my anger I am sorry I was out of habd ^__^

Originally Posted by pikachu25king View Post
Kaim, you didnt say nice stuff, so i decided to not take this any longer, so i reported him. Also i reported him, becuase he wasnt being nice to me, just like you werent nice to me.
It was a joke about calling you a n00b jeez >__<

Formerly Kaim_Fabuyashi

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