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Default [WAR VIII] Team Aqua: Mercenaries for Hire (Kicking Ass Since 2003)

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All the action of the Marines, with less accountability than a carnie.


Formed by Matthew as the FIRST WAR TEAM EVER, Team Aqua has a proud War history, participating in the first 3 and 2/3 WARs as Team Aqua and Team Aqua/Frost. After the Departure of Matthew, rust took over as the leader and from there has led the team to almost glory. In WAR 5, Team Aqua was able to get second place, beating La Resistance, DARK, Magma, and Nox.

With Team Aqua voted out by one vote in WAR VI, Team Aqua is back and ready to kick more ass for WAR VII, five years in the making.

The wastelands of Ramdyne are a resource rich area located in the northern parts of Kivistal. While the general wealth of the citizens is quite high, the land is absolute garbage, barely good for anything beyond growing basic crops. The lust for a better environment has turned the people of Ramdyne to a militaristic faction known as Team Aqua, who organized a military coup to take over the lands in order to satisfy the lust of the people of Ramdyne.

Team Aqua has now issued a campaign to take over the rest of the world, in order to gain control of nicer resource-rich land. While this is what those of Ramdyne think is happening, Team Aqua's goals are similar, but still different. Team Aqua is conspiring to take over the entire world to enslave all Pokemon, with Ramdyne's rabid militarism as their main morale source.

This is why Team Aqua's motto is 'Gold, Gore, and Glory.' Gold for land and resources, Gore to satisfy our bloodlust, and the Glory of taking over the entire world...

rust: To protect the waters from obliteration,
Finch: To unite all lakes within the nation,
rust: To denounce the evils of falsehoods and lies
Finch: To purify the waters to the atmosphere and skies,
rust: rust,
Finch: Finch,
Finch: Team Aqua expands the ocean,
Finch: Surrender now, or prepare to die!
The Magical Talking Sealeo: That's right!
Wally, the Mutated Green Feraligatr: Wobbuf-... I mean Feraligatr!


Supreme Field Commander – rust
Co-Leader/Captain of Espionage – Finch
Captain of TBA - Charbok



Special Forces:


Administration (1500+ Posts):

Sent Regaly
Salamence Master
Legend Slayer

Assassin (1000 Posts):

sir Aaron
Poke Master

Grunt Group Leader (500 Posts):


Grunt (1 Post):



Application Form

Age: (None of Your Business is Acceptable)
What is Your Role Playing Experience?:
Why You Want to Join:

Team Aqua Code of (Dis)Honor
AKA Thread Rules

1) Never Surrender
2) Never Reveal our secrets to the Enemy
3) Everyone is Equal, However some are more equal than others
4) Spamming is frowned upon throughout the whole forum
5) The Thread shall be kept suitable for Under 13’s

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