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Default Re: [Team RP IV] AQUA Extermination Force

Super Smash Brothers Brawl

We also amazingly happen to be a Brawl Clan. Rejoice Aquas, as we kick ass in RPing, D/P/Revo, and now Brawl! If you have Brawl and want to join, just fill out this form.

Friend Code:

You can join the Brawl Clan without joining the actual RPing group of D/P WiFi Clan, as the member list will be listed separately.

Brawl Memberlist
Supreme Field Commander - rust {rust} (Snake, Lucario, Wolf, Metaknight, Pit) [No FC Yet]
Charbok {Austn} (Link, Pit, Samus) [3566-1250-9273]
Nitrodown {Nitro} (Link, DK, Bowser, Ike, Pit, Peach, Wario) [5327-0693-9808]
karmachameleon {BAPES} (Kirby, Falco, Link) [0645-5455-1056]
Brainiac {Brain} (Ike, Metaknight, Lucario) [0516-7170-9796]
Leman {Leman} (Kirby, Diddy Kong, Pokemon Trainer) [1805-2053-2930]

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