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Jake (Aka, Eeveedude)

Current position
Trainer, Coordinator,Judge, Former Ranger, Grader, Referee, EX-Eterna Gym Leader

Instant Messenger Names


(Started 3-4-2011)

Basic Battles

19.[6/13-Espeon] 20.[10/13-Ursaring] 21.[3/12-Espeon] 22.[1/11-Espeon] 23.[2/6-Walrein] 24.[7/8-Ursaring] 25.[4/7-Espeon] 26.[4/10-Espeon] 27.[3/7-Mew] 29.[1/7-Porygon-Z] 30.[7/13-Togekiss] 31.[8/13-Espeon] 32.[3/12-Lanturn] 33.[3/13-Lanturn] 34.[2/81-Espeon] 35.[3/6-Charizard] 36.[6/6-Togekiss] 37.[3/8-Baltoy] 38.[1/9-Donphan] 39.[2/15-Arceus] 40.[2/9-Espeon] 41.[4/7-Espeon] 42.[3/12-Beedrill] 43.[2/2(Team FFA)-Ursaring] 44.[8/10-Espeon] 45. [3/11-Espeon] 46.[3/12-Ragna's Togekiss] 47.[5/10-Ursaring] 48.[8/8-Leafeon] 49.[9/13-Duskull] 50.[7/18-Lanturn] 51.[1/14-Espeon] 52.[5/26-Lanturn] 53.[5/23-Mr.Mime] 54.[1/22~Vaporeon] 55.[7/28-Vaporeon] 56.[12/28-Espeon] 57.[3/17-Donphan] 58.[4/20-Vaporeon] 59.[11/21-Lanturn] 60.[6/21-Vaporeon] 61.[4/21-Gallade] 62.[2/9-Gallade] 63.[18/23-Gallade] 64.[14/20-Vaporeon] 65.[3/21-Mr. Mime]66.[9/15-Espeon] 67.[6/16-Kingler] 68.[14/17-Gallade] 69.[12/18-Vaporeon] 70.[8/20-Espeon]

Festival Contests
1. [12/16-Espeon] 2.[1/7-Espeon] 3.[1/8-Espeon] 4.[2/6-Espeon] 5.[2/10-Espeon] 6. [6/7-Espeon]

Other Events
April '10 Quiz ~ 10/10 ~ 16.5k
February '11 Quiz ~ 10/11 ~ 10k
March '11 Quiz ~ 24.5/33 ~ 18.25k

Pokemon I Want

TM Hail, HM Cut, HM Fly, HM Surf, HM Strength, HM Flash, HM Whirlpool, HM Waterfall, HM Rock Smash, HM Defog, HM Rock Climb

Held Items
Big Root, Choice Band, Choice Scarf, Choice Specs, Draco Plate, Eviolite, Expert Belt (x2), Fist Plate, Flame Orb, Focus Sash, Icy Rock, Iron Ball, Leftovers (x2), Life Orb, Mind Plate, Smooth Rock, Toxic Orb

Other Items
Daycare Pass, Electrizer, Sun Stone, Trading Link Cable

Un-accepted Berries

Berries in Pocket

Safari Zone Items
Decaying Teeth (Discount Used), Defence Tablet, Speed Tablet, 2x Hyper Balls, 3x Super Balls, 2x Park Balls , 2x Full Heals, 1x Honey, 1x Spray Bottle, Park Shop Voucher ($3000)


Forest Fables: The Dawn of a New Journey

Status: Captured

Mt. Frost

Status: Editing
Houndour: Captured!
Swinub: Captured! (2nd Attempt)


Burmy: Caught!
Wurmple: Caught!

Gym Badges
Gym Battles
[Boulder Badges]: GliscorMan
[Cascade Badges]: None
[Thunder Badges]: None
[Rainbow Badges]: None
[Soul Badges]: Sec
[Marsh Badges]: None
[Volcano Badges]: None
[Earth Badges]: None
Alaska Pigeon: [Zephyr Badges]
None: [Hive Badges]
None: [Plain Badges]
None: [Fog Badges]
None: [Storm Badges]
None: [Mineral Badges]
Eraizaa-Kun: [Glacier Badges]
None: [Rising Badges]
[Stone Badges]: Tsukikaiki64
[Knuckle Badges]: None
[Dynamo Badges]: None
[Heat Badges]: None
[Balance Badges]: None
[Feather Badges]: None
[Mind Badges]: Ragnajacob
[Rain Badges]: None
None :[Coal Badges]
ME :[Forest Badges]
None :[Cobble Badges]
None :[Fen Badges]
None :[Relic Badges]
None :[Mine Badges]
None :[Icicle Badges]
None :[Beacon Badges]
[Coral-Eye Badges]: None
[Sea Ruby Badges]: None
[Spike Shell Badges]: None
[Jade Star Badges]: None
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